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World Computer Literacy Day 2022 quotes, wishes, themes and greetings

World Computer Literacy Day: Every year, World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated. December 2 Develop computer machines every day and raise awareness about computer technology in human life. The use of computers in all fields, such as artificial intelligence, medical biochemistry, and advanced technology, is commonplace. This day is also a day to improve computer education for women and children. Today, computers contribute to all areas of the innovative and creative world.This is the first time that this important day has been observed. 2001 by a well-known Indian company NIIT It was also founded in 1981. Rajendra Singh Pawar and Vijay K. Tadani Who initiated this program for World Computer Literacy Day.Today, on this official day, our friends will find out about this article World Computer Literacy Day Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Themes, You can also share it with your friends and family.

Key highlights from World Computer Literacy Day

event name world computer literacy day
type technology, consciousness
Observation date December 2, 2022
significance Enhance your computer’s vital information with inventory worlds, artificial intelligence, interior design, and more.
1st observation 2001
Observer NIIT
originator of the day Rajendra Singh Pawar and Vijay K
frequency a year

World Computer Literacy Day 2022 theme

world computer literacy day
International Literacy Day.Stationery in basket on wooden table yellow background

“Human Literacy”Core Recovery: Closing the Digital DivideThis is the 2021 theme for World Computer Literacy Day and currently no 2022 theme has been published, but this will be updated as well. This theme also focuses on the interference of the machine world in human life.

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Global Computer Literacy Day Quote

Image 46

“Without emotion, there is no field where computers cannot intervene. Whether it is education, organization, participation in artificial intelligence, or anything else.”

“The best thing about computers is that they can do anything you want to know, but the worst thing is that they require humans to prove you’re not a robot.”

“It’s ironic that computer machines can hack the human mind. With deep artificial intelligence, robots can do anything with human actions.”

“Let’s celebrate this day with a glorious World Computer Literacy Day. “computer”

“You have access to technology in hospitals, the medical field, computer literacy, all areas of technology, and you have access to one thing: computers everywhere.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Global Computer Literacy Day celebrated?

Who is the Father of World Computer Literacy Day?

Rajendra Singh Pawar and Vijay K

What activities can we do on Global Computer Literacy Day?

You can form a group, run a campaign about computer literacy, or raise awareness about all technologies: artificial intelligence, visual techno hubs, interior design, and more.

Who is the father of computers?

Charles Babbage A philosopher and mathematician who invented the first computer machine, he is also known as the father of computers.

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