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Dead Space Remake Review – Hits The Marker

Fourteen years is a long time in the video game industry, but it still doesn’t feel like long enough for EA’s Dead Space. The original his 2008 game is a modern his classic that stands up very well by today’s standards. Few things feel dated in its design, and the strategic cutting that underlies the combat offers a unique and brutal thrill that has yet to be recreated. The remake’s leap in graphic fidelity breathes new life into its stifling horror, but the public debate centers on whether it really needs to exist in the first place. is not very effective. After reaching the end credits, I’m still not entirely sure if it’s necessary, but I’m very happy to have done it. While it may not feel particularly necessary to remake Dead Space in 2023, EA Motive has created a game that manages to improve on its great ancestor in many ways.

These improvements started with the story and expanded with many changes to both characters and storytelling. The basic beats that make up the original game’s narrative remain intact, beginning with the fateful arrival at USG Ishimura. After responding to a distress call, the giant Planet finds her Cracker-class ship miserably hovering above the planet Aegis VII. Once on board, things take a familiar steep descent, but now the once-silent protagonist Isaac Clarke is given a voice that responds appropriately. I’m not a fan of , but there’s always the danger that a vocal character can get too talkative, especially in a horror game where the atmosphere and tension are so delicate. Thankfully that’s not the case here, as Isaac’s new agency doesn’t make him feel like a simple tool to be commanded. After that, to reprise that role, there’s a level of continuity that’s reflected in other aspects of the remake’s design as well.

再生中: デッド スペース リメイク 知っておくべきことすべて

スクリプトの多くは、アイザックのスピーチに対応するために書き直されており、それが織り成す物語は依然として魅力的です. ユニトロジー教会 – デッドスペースの世界で重要な役割を果たしているカルト的な宗教宗派 – は、今回、特に早い段階ではるかに目立っています. 登場人物は悪名高い教会について自然に感じられる方法で言及し、その宗派が将来の出来事にどれほど大きな影響を与えるかを認識する前に議論します. Isaac の同僚の 1 人であり、ゲーム全体の主要な連絡先である Kendra Daniels も、リメイクを向上させる方法で書き直されました。 以前はとげとげしく、不必要に敵対的な行動に傾倒していましたが、今では共感的なキャラクターに変わり、以前よりも効果的な方法で成果を上げています。

構造的には、リメイクの大部分は元のゲームと同じです。慌ただしいダッシュから、ゾンビのようなネクロモーフの最初の出現に続くエレベーター、空気を汚染しているすべてのウィーザーを無効にするという重要なタスクまで。水耕栽培デッキ。 ただし、いくつかの顕著なゲームプレイの改善とともに、いくつかの小さなレベル デザインの変更が全体に散りばめられています。 まず第一に、無重力シーケンスにより、地面からジャンプし、スーツのスラスターを使用して、ある表面から別の表面にしっかりとジャンプするのではなく、各エリアを自由に移動できるようになりました. 基本的にこれらのセグメントを飛行できるようになったことで、以前よりもはるかに興味深いものになりました。さまざまなパズルを解決するために自分の向きを変えながら、あらゆる角度から攻撃できる敵に対処する必要があるためです. 石村の格納庫のように、これらのセクションの一部も範囲が拡大され、船の内部の設計から逸脱して、もう少し自由に探索できるようになりました. ADS キャノン修理ジョブのような他のものは、緊張を高めるために完全に再設計されており、古くなったタレット射撃ギャラリーから危険な船外活動に移行し、これはリヴァイアサンとの戦いにも引き継がれます.

以前に Dead Space 2 をプレイしたことがある場合、これらの再設計されたゼロ G セグメントでの動きの自由はすぐに馴染みのあるものであり、これはこのリメイク全体で一貫したテーマです。 Isaac のマイニング ツールの各武器の特別なアップグレードの追加も、2011 年の続編から引き継がれています。 プラズマ カッターに mod を取り付けると、その弾薬が発射したものすべてに火をつけ、時間の経過とともに火傷のダメージを与えます。別の mod では、ディスク リッパーを使用して、複数の敵を切り裂く鋸刃を跳ね返すことができます。 これらのモッドはイシムラ全体に散らばっているので、荒れ果てた採鉱船の隅々まで探索することで報酬が得られます. ただし、新しいセキュリティ クリアランス システムにより、最初は特定の部屋やロッカーから締め出されますが、ストーリーが進むにつれて、より高いクリアランス レベルのロックが解除されます。

[EA Motive’s Dead Space remake] It improves on the original with some smart new additions to almost every aspect of the design.

This system feels like it was added to include bespoke side quests that task you with returning to previously explored areas of the ship. It feels organic – and the seamless travel between parts of the ship feels like a real place – but the side quests themselves aren’t particularly interesting to begin with from a gameplay perspective. Enemies occasionally offer obstacles along familiar routes, but can often be backtracked to relative safety, and these quests are basically picking up items or activating previously recorded messages. Especially if you’re invested in the series’ lore, it’s at least narrative fun to get some background info on what happened aboard Ishimura before it all went to hell. , it’s a shame these side quests aren’t more involved.

Unlike the aforementioned upgrades, each weapon’s primary firing mode remains largely the same as in the original game. However, some of Isaac’s repurposed firearms have brand new secondary functions. The Pulse Rifle’s secondary armament was only effective when completely surrounded by enemies. This took a toll on ammunition and gave little chance to use it without feeling wasted. Equipped with proximity mines. This is mainly because each encounter with the ship’s necromorph infestation introduces an additional layer of strategy. The Flamethrower’s new secondary fire mode is another great example. Gives you the option to separate enemies by shooting a wall of flames and sealing them off from each other with fiery flames.

However, of all the revised weapons, the one that stands out in the crowd is the Force Gun. Now it’s been redesigned to unleash a thunderous blast of energy that cleanly rips skin and muscle from bone.

The remake’s overhauled visuals are phenomenal across the board, bringing Ishimura’s suffocating guts to life with a disgusting sheen. Abandoned suitcases littering the arrivals lounge, cramped crew quarters, glimpses of the harrowing presence of those who work on board, or the only carbonated It’s true, whether it’s the poster for a product called “Fizzy Hard Bar” that serves beverages… the color similarity of the metal-sculpted corridors. The peeling system is one aspect of her improved graphical fidelity in the remake, and it has a nice impact every time you encounter combat. Layers of skin, fat, and muscle are reliably ripped from the enemy with each successive wound, and exposed bones are susceptible to snapping in half from well-placed rounds. Light visually indicates his health, with Necromorphs’ own bodies reminding them of theirs.


Dead Space’s combat still feels somewhat fresh due to the way it abandons the genre’s convention that headshots are king. Necromorphs can only be killed by cutting off their limbs, using weapons like plasma cutters to cut off their legs and blow up their elongated arms to desperately crawl towards you. It only enhances the experience when using secondary fire. Target. Lay traps and take advantage of gravity to pull swarms of enemies into one mass of him before burning them all with a flamethrower or using Plasma with his cutter to pierce through bare bones. can do. The original Dead Space was great, so the iterations have settled down in the last few hours, but with the remake’s added strategy and the ability to play with different tools, this won’t happen again.

It’s impossible to expect a Dead Space remake to be as transformative as Resident Evil 2’s remake. is how we weaved that change into the mold of Dead Space. Newcomers and hardcore Dead Space fans will get the most out of this experience, but it’s a great way to play one of the survival-horror genre’s best. Typical method. Dead Space Remake Review – Hits The Marker

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