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Box Office: Kantara (Hindi) Tops the Weekend, followed by Phone Bhoot: Bollywood Box Office

It was Cantara (Hindi) Once again in a bygone weekend as Rs. 10.75 More crores came in. This is the best weekend for a dubbed Kannada movie since its release, and come to think of it, the movie is in his fourth week. This set the stage for week 4 to be better than week 3. This has been the trend for Rishab Shetty films since the company’s release where successive weeks are better than the previous. The movie is now reaching Rs. At 624 million rupees, it is clearly a box office super hit. It is currently set to exceed the rupee. 85 Crore marks, but considering the surprises it’s been throwing around since its release, it could go anywhere.

Meanwhile, among all the new releases this week, it’s phoneboot, What do you collect the most? It is a spoof comedy and amassing Rs. Rs 78.5 crore so far, but there was every chance the movie would exceed Rs. Without the World Cup match between India and Zimbabwe the total is Rs 8.5 crore. It will be interesting to see what manages the. Ideally at least Rupees. Another 600 crore is needed by the end of the week to set the stage for a lifetime of over Rs.2 billion.

Meanwhile, both mm When DoubleXL The former is better than the latter, but remains low. Janhvi Kapoor stirrer collected his Rs. In his first weekend he hit $1.55 billion and although he started at a very low level he is showing growth day by day.as for DoubleXL, it’s a complete disaster for only Rs. Over the weekend he raised 0.47 crore and is finally heading towards her less than Rs lifetime. One hundred million.

Note: all collections by production and distribution

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