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Richly developed characters carry a graphic horror thriller

A devout rogue (Olivia Luccardi) is found accepted and killed among the lizards at a truck stop in Candyland.

A truck stop prostitute protects a religious outcast as a brutal killer stalks with twisted intentions. candy land Give “many lizards” heart and soul, then savagely gut them. Sex workers create their own families for acceptance and protection. Together they face the dangers inherent in their shady profession.Unfortunately they are Insidious ThreatTheir need for abuse, conquest, and friendship add depth to their tragic loss. Richly developed characters carry the film as it devolves into standard horror tropes. It takes a climax of blood and guts predictable turn.

Set on Christmas 1996, Sadie (Sam Quartin) makes her rounds serving customers in a “truck pit” adjacent to a mountainous highway. She takes a cigarette break with Riley (Eden Brolin), Liv (Virginia Land) and Levi (Owen Campbell). They share refreshments and make fun of Christian converts begging them to repent. Gentle Remy (Olivia Luccardi) watches over the wild scenery from a parishioner’s van. Sheriff her Rex (William Baldwin) rushes in and lures an exhausted Levi to her job.

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Sadie is surprised to find Remy shivering alone at the motel that night. A pious girl abandoned the church. Sadie welcomes Remy to stay in her room. She knows she is alone without her help. Everyone gathers to welcome the shy Remy, but she warns that she cannot stay long without a job.

a promising earner

candyland 2
Roxwell Films and Quiver Distribution

Nora (Guinevere Turner) works as an illegitimate custodian at Madam. She sees a promising earner in Remy, a newcomer, young and attractive. Nora indoctrinates her with her hawker meat. An unsure Sadie worries that Remy can’t handle their lives. Riley finds the mutilated and posed corpse of a man in a bathroom stall. Nora and Sheriff Rex quickly cover up the murder. It’s time for Remy to meet her first client.

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candy land It depicts the abominable side of prostitution with extreme realism. There is no glamour, no excitement here. Graphic scenes of violence and assault are stomach-churning. Levi and the women are exploited without mercy. A pleasure ship that ventures into the unknown, behind all closed doors and dark alleys. They are used to abuse. Shaking off trauma, fear and pain is another inevitable part of the day. They gather together for comfort and care when no one else cares.

sinners must be cleansed

Religious themes are a big part of the story. A sinner must be “cleansed” for his wrongdoing. This tired road is exactly what you would expect. The bladed crucifix brings slice-and-dice relief just like the Safflower sushi knife. candy land The final act embraces the slasher spirit of a B-movie with gleeful earnestness. Bloody slaughter earns gore points for fulfilling the carnage quotient. But thoughtful insight is also shredded by slaughter.

candy land It will please fans of the genre. Director/screenwriter Jon SwabIda Red, body broker) stayed on the trained narrative course. There could have been a smarter solution that deserved careful early character development. More than a lizard in a cross blender.

candy land It’s a Roxwell Films production. It will be released simultaneously on VOD and theaters from January 6th. Quiver distribution. Richly developed characters carry a graphic horror thriller

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