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Prioritizing Health: Kuntal Goswami’s Post-Pandemic Pursuit of Wellness

The COVID-19 pandemic served as a wake-up call for individuals to recognize the significance of their health and well-being. It prompted people to adopt healthier lifestyles, prioritize self-care, and be proactive in taking preventive measures to protect themselves and others. This is true for our player Kuntal Goswami, who, after the coronavirus hit India, realized how important it was for him to maintain and stay healthy. Let’s find out how he managed it.

Life Before GOQii: Kuntal’s Struggle with Health

Kuntal Goswami, 34, based in West Bengal, works in a power plant. His job entails sitting at the desk as well as stepping out for work. He also works shifts, due to which he has no daily routine. His lifestyle was bad. He says, “I had bad eating habits. I would eat anything with no proper portion control and no exercise routine, and I had started gaining weight. I weighed 84 kg. My blood pressure was also on the higher side. It was during the COVID-19 pandemic, that I realized I had to alter and bring about a change in my health.”

Identifying the Issue & Making Lifestyle Changes: Kuntal’s Journey to Wellness

Kuntal started searching for smartwatches on Amazon and found GOQii. Prior to that, he had seen the Akshay Kumar ad, which further prompted him to purchase the GOQii smartwatch.

Kuntal was happy with coach Nabanita Das’s call, and the first goal that he fixed with the coach was to lose weight, lower his BP issues, and reduce the dosage of medication.

Coach Nabanita’s Insights: The Transformation of Kuntal Goswami

Initially, the coach set 3-4 new habits for Kuntal to follow. “When I started coaching, Kuntal weighed 84 kg, his HRA was 67, his BMI was 30.1, his waistline area was 38 inches, and his BP was 119/79 mm of Hg (with medication). I set his step target to begin with at 6000 steps and ensured that he was able to complete 6k steps daily,” says coach Nabanita Das. Thereafter, the coach introduced detox water and added protein to his diet. Kuntal says within 3 months he started seeing results for the better.

A Remarkable Transformation: Kuntal’s Success Story

“Though it was challenging for him to maintain his routine due to his shifting duty, I gave him a diet that can be carried, is easily available, and is loaded with good nutrients. In addition, he booked and joined pro classes and reached a minimum 15 k steps on a daily basis,” says the coach.

Kuntal’s endless efforts and discipline helped him achieve what he aimed for. Following a total of 118 habits and listening to his coach, in the last 2 years, he has lost 19 kg of weight healthily. His current weight is 65 kg, his waistline area is 32 inches, his BMI is 22.5, and his HRA score is 86 now. That is not all, his BP is under control, and the doctor has prescribed a lower dose of medicine to control his BP. “We are now waiting to see how soon the medicine can be stopped,” says Nabanita.

The coach credits her player and says, “ Kuntal has been a great learner. It requires some sacrifices, discipline, consistency, and determination to achieve the health goal that Kuntal had set for himself. “It’s commendable how he has done it.”

Walking, yoga, meditation, and having a properly balanced diet have all become routines and part of his life now.  When asked how Kuntal feels now, he says, “I feel very confident in myself. Thanks to GOQii, it has helped me lose weight through small but sure lifestyle changes. My outlook towards life has changed.”

Kuntal has now become an advocate of a healthy lifestyle and has recommended and suggested to his colleagues to modify their lifestyles and stay healthy.

In conclusion, the remarkable journey of Kuntal in transforming his lifestyle and achieving lasting health is a testament to his unwavering dedication and hard work put forth. By embracing positive changes and making conscious choices, Kuntal has not only improved his physical well-being but also demonstrated the power of determination and self-discipline. His inspiring story serves as a shining example of how personal growth and perseverance can lead to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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#BeTheForce Prioritizing Health: Kuntal Goswami’s Post-Pandemic Pursuit of Wellness

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