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Allison Janney gets brutal in new Netflix thriller

Played Liam Neeson photograph Many believe it brought about a dramatic shift in action movie stardom. At the time, it seemed unlikely that the 56-year-old would launch a major action franchise. Older man in an action movie, from Keanu Reeves to Bob Odenkirk. But it really wasn’t a big deal. Older men have been headlining action movies since action movies came out — Roger Moore was 57 years old. View to a KillSean Connery was 66 the rock isand even Daniel Craig was 53 no time to die liberated at a glance Actor who played James BondOlder male action stars are nothing new. However, it’s a different story for older women.

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Aside from Helen Mirren’s delightful performance, red Movie (when she was in her 60s), Jamie Lee Curtis’ recent Halloween Movies, and Michelle Yeoh’s recent appearances All at once, anywhere At 59, no female action star was older. When she was 62, Allison Janney We just proved it should be.her new movie Roux It may not be as good as her performance, but netflix Despite this, the film is captivating.

The movie Lou is not as good as the character Lou

Janie plays the famous Lou, a grumpy elderly woman who lives alone 10 miles out of town. She is the personification of loneliness, and although her film scripts often portray her as an imitation of her, Lee Curtis’ gray-haired character Laurie Strode Halloween Upon reboot, Janie makes Lou his woman. She’s the tough, capable type, dragging her eviscerated deer through the woods with her antlers, killing more food in the freezer. Besides going hunting with her dog, she is the landlord of her young mother and her daughters Hannah and Vee. She speaks concisely, but Janie leaves spaces between her sentences.

If Lou seems more undercover than in her golden years of retirement, it’s because she really is. takes place in the early 80’s After the infamous Iran-Contra scandal, Lou knows more than the average American (unfortunately, then and now). She is her CIA operative, has worked in the field for nearly 30 years, and has classified documents and film negatives to prove it (the movie deals with this in a painfully obvious way. (I didn’t literally label the film canister with the word “Zapruder”).

However, she is not a charming, romantic spy, and the film actually begins with her preparing to commit suicide. was interrupted by tenant Hannah. What at first seems like a very silly and overly made-up coincidence, turns out to be much more than that, and that her father’s kidnapper also has a CIA background. turned out to be He faked his own death after his agent attempted to arrest him for sadistic torture and murder of civilians (a crime that hardly seems to the CIA). And now he’s back for his daughter.Lou, after years of ruining the world with the CIA, is determined to do something good for the world. and suit up to track him down and rescue Vee.

Allison Janney Kill It With Lou

In the first frame of the film, Janie’s silhouette is painted on the door frame, and the John Wayne classic immediately comes to mind. Searchers And that iconic final shot. It’s a clever way to introduce a movie about a kidnapped child and the tough old man who hunts her down, swapping the genders and setting the stage for similar themes of the film – broken families and the cycle of violence. If the violently unstable Philip, his ex-wife Hannah, and daughter Vee are points of the story, the equally violent Lou ties them together.

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Emotional connections, on the other hand, never sell.Jurnee Smollett (who plays Hannah here) is charming and compelling, but she doesn’t get along very well with anyone in the film, and even her daughter Vee (played by Ridley Asha Bateman) doesn’t know what happened. seeming surprisingly indifferent to everything…but I realized that Janie’s character is a hurtful, aloof woman, and the only way to stop destroying others is to avoid them altogether, so that The lack of chemistry actually makes sense for Lou. Roux), carefully demonstrating a deep longing to reach out before quickly crushing vulnerability with quick cruelty.

There are few people in this film other than Philip who have enough dialogue to justify being in character. As a crazed and dangerous kidnapper, Logan Marshall-Green is given the impossible task of acting out the story’s twist.Marshall Green, so great in the 2015s Invitation and the spectacular but underrated upgradedoes his best with a badly underwritten and generally puzzling character, but it’s a battle no one can win. make you feel Roux Like all other characters.Lou is also derailed Rouxbut at least it makes sense.

Anna Forster directs fantastic action in an otherwise half-baked Netflix movie

Often silly and emotionally mediocre, Roux It stays funny all the way, thanks to Janney’s dedication to acting and Anna Forster’s action-movie intelligence.supervise great action sequences for tv show Marvel’s Jessica Jones When Westworldand all Roland Emmerich films full of explosions. PatriotFörster developed an innate sense for the kind of visual Roux needs. Unfortunately, although the scenes that unlock her potential are exceptional, there are really only two or three of her.

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Janie, Forster, battle choreographer3 action sequences are a masterpiece Roux, Janie’s brooding outside. Using rain, campfires, shadows, and other small elements to spice up each scene, the film’s combat is brutal and usually surprisingly realistic. The organically clumsy nature of some of the fights lacks the grace of John Woo/Wick, but is full of bone-crushing, bloody authenticity. Lou begins the film wanting to die, and the pain she inflicts and gets. And the amount of suffering might allow Lou to grant her wish.

The final setpiece and fight scene are pretty silly, but very well done with tight editing and gorgeous cinematography. Searcherswhich ends with a direct reference to the famous battle on the beach at the end Samurai III Duel on Ganryujimaa perfect film in which two morally compromised characters are drawn into an inevitable fatal duel. takes the themes of child injury and cyclical violence to poetic extremes.

Lou should have thought about action

Roux It’s a movie that wants to be a thriller, but really should have been an action movie. Roux If they made better action sequences than these, it would have been a very fine movie and truly deserved Janie’s excellent performance.

Finally, Roux Detached, damaged, and dark, but a surprisingly brutal spark remains. If only the film was more consistently intense, emotionally committed, and dramatically coherent. That would make her look more like Janie than her personality. Roux Streaming now on Netflix.

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