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Best Netflix Shows to Binge Watch Right Now (November 2022)

Audiences are on the verge of obsessive behavior when it comes to streaming must-see TV shows in binge-able servings. Peak TV constantly vying for our eyeballs doesn’t make it easy when it comes to adding series to our Netflix queue. So, what should you binge? Relax. We got ya covered. Whether you’re looking for a lazy Sunday, a long holiday weekend on the couch, or something to have on in the background, here are some essential TV series that all self-respecting fans of the medium should binge. While there are at least a billion shows on Netflix gunning for your attention, this mix of classic faves and Netflix originals are plenty to tide you over.

Looking for something more specific? Check out a list of the best romantic, comedic, or dramatic shows on the platform.

Editor’s note: This article was last updated November 2022 to include Derry Girls.

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Archive 81 (2022)

Image via Netflix

Created by: Rebecca Sonnenshine

Cast: Mamoudou Athie, Dina Shihabi, Evan Jonigkeit, Julia Chen, Ariana Neal, Matt McGory, Martin Donovan

Archive 81is a mystery thriller that was made for binge-watching. In the present day, film archivist Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie) is hired to restore videotapes that were damaged in a mysterious apartment fire. In 1994, film student Melody Pendras (Dina Shihabi) chooses the Visser apartment and its residents for her documentary thesis project. What neither Dan nor Melody realize is that they are both about to stumble upon a cult that has been determined to merge our realm with the realm of their demonic overlord for decades. As Dan watches and restores Melody’s tapes he forms a connection between them that transcends time and space – which is wild, I know. He’s able to communicate with her and hopes to use this connection to change Melody’s fate. Archive 81 is a slow burn whose mystery will have you craving episode after episode. — Brynna Arens

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Derry Girls (2018-2022)

Image via Channel 4/Netflix

Creator: Lisa McGee

Cast: Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Louisa Harland, Tara Lynne O’Neill, Nicola Coughlan

Derry Girls is a British sitcom from creator Lisa McGee, heavily inspired by her own teen years growing up in Derry, Northern Ireland, during the late 90s. Derry Girls takes place during a time in history called The Troubles, allowing the series to comment on the period while finding humor in the personal lives of the teenage girls it centers. Starring Nicola Coughlan (Bridgerton), Saoirse-Monica Jackson, and Louisa Harland, Derry Girls is a hilarious comedy series that feels relatable even to audiences less familiar with the time period or the location’s history. – Yael Tygiel

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Squid Game (2021-present)

Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun in Squid Game Red Light Green Light Episode (2)
Image via Netflix

Created by: Hwang Dong-hyuk

Cast: Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon, HoYeon Jung

Squid Game is the most-watched show on Netflix of all time, accumulating over one billion viewing hours on the platform and winning several Emmys. The South Korean series follows 456 people who play deadly children’s games to win a large sum of money. Terrifying, relevant, and endlessly compelling, Squid Games‘ solid performances and sharp writing will keep you invested through all its wild twists and turns. – Taylor Gates

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Keep Breathing (2022-present)

keep breathing season 1 melissa barrera social featured
Image via Netflix

Created by: Martin Gero, Brendan Gall

Cast: Melissa Barrera, Florencia Lozano, Joselyn Picard

Melissa Barrera (Scream) enchants as the star of Keep Breathing, an intensely suspenseful heart-pounding thriller about a lone survivor of an airplane accident who must combat the Canadian wilderness, along with her own internal struggles, in a fight to stay alive. Barrera captivates in a role that allows her to reveal her range, owning scenes both in dreams and memories, as well as her horrific reality stranded in a harsh and feral land. Joselyn Picard (Superman and Lois) also shines as a younger version of Barrera’s Liv, capturing the actress’ essence while effortlessly complimenting the supporting cast. Keep Breathing is truly a chilling adventure. – Yael Tygiel

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The Umbrella Academy (2019-present)

Image via Netflix

Created by: Steve Blackman

Cast: Elliot Page, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Tom Hopper, Colm Feore

One of the wackiest and most pleasantly off-the-walls science fiction series to appear on Netflix, The Umbrella Academyis based on the comics and graphic novels of the same name and comes from the mind of Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance, and Steve Blackman. The first season premiered in 2019 and followed seven children who were all mysteriously born in October 1989 by previously not pregnant mothers. Adopted by the wealthy and enigmatic Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), these seven discovered they had special powers and were forced to train to become a team of superheroes, The Umbrella Academy. Ultimately, they disbanded. When Hargreeves’ death reunites them, they must uncover the secrets of their lives while also attempting to stop an apocalyptic event. Elliot Page stars alongside Emmy Raver-Lampman and Robert Sheehan in this truly mind-bendingly entertaining series. – Yael Tygiel

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Heartstopper (2022-present)

Heartstopper - Nick and Charlie looking at each other
Image via Netflix

Created by: Alice Oseman

Cast: Joe Locke, Kit Conner, Yasmin Finney

Heartstopper is a lovely queer coming-of-age story about two teenage boys who navigate high school while becoming unlikely friends, only to discover their friendship might be something more romantic. Based on the bestselling graphic novels from Alice Oseman, Heartstopper stars newcomer Joe Locke as the out but awkward Charlie with Kit Conner (His Dark Materials) in the role of the out-of-his-league love interest, Nick Nelson. Rounding out the cast are Charlie’s band of misfits, including Yasmin Finney and William Gao. Heartstopper is very British, very queer, and very delightful. – Yael Tygiel

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Bridgerton (2020-present)


Created by: Chris Van Dusen

Cast: Phoebe Dynevor, Régé-Jean Page, Nicola Coughlan, Jonathan Bailey, Luke Thompson, Claudia Jessie, Ruth Gemmell, Luke Newton, Adjoa Andoh, Golda Rosheuvel, Simone Ashley and Julie Andrews

The first Shondaland television series for Netflix, Bridgerton hit the ground running with its first season and didn’t lose any steam during the second season. Set against the backdrop of Regency-era London, the Bridgerton siblings navigate the London society in search of love, surrounded by friends and rivals alike. The anonymous and ever-scandalous newsletter columnist known as Lady Whistledown (Julie Andrews), who possesses knowledge of all the information in London, draws everyone’s interest, even Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel). Drama, romance, and gossip occupy every single frame of the show, making it the perfect guilty pleasure show that isn’t so much a secret as everyone around you is probably also enjoying it. — Arianne Binette

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Arcane (2021-present)

Image via Netflix

Created by: Christian Linke and Alex Yee

Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell, Kevin Alejandro, Katie Leung, Jason Spisak, Harry Lloyd, Toks Olagundoye, JB Blanc, Reed Shannon and Mick Wingert

Riot Games’ first foray in adapting their incredibly successful League of Legends game with Arcanewas probably the success that they wanted. Amidst the escalating unrest between the rich, utopian city of Piltover and the seedy, oppressed undercity of Zaun, sisters Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) and Jinx (Ella Purnell) find themselves on opposing sides of a brewing war over clashing convictions and arcane technologies. Perfect for fans of Leagues of Legends and newcomers alike, Arcanebrought what made Riot Games so different from most gaming companies, their amazing visuals outside of the games. Riot had been known for their incredible music videos that introduced storylines and characters. Mixing those ideas with the visuals for the shows was the thing that made Arcane so different because while the story was incredible, the visuals just augmented the experience as a whole and crafted a series that impressed from start to finish. – Arianne Binette

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Russian Doll (2019-present)


Created by: Leslye Headland, Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler

Cast: Natasha Lyonne, Charlie Barnett, Greta Lee, Rebecca Henderson, Elizabeth Ashley, Ritesh Rajan

On the night of her 36th birthday, Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) dies. Then, much to her surprise, she awakens at her party as though no time had passed. After dying and coming back to the same place a few times, she becomes convinced that the universe is playing a sick trick on her. Determined to stop the loop, Nadia tries to find the cause of the temporal anomaly she finds herself in through both investigative work and a journey through her past traumas. Even though Nadia is repeating the same day over and over on screen, binging Russian Doll feels anything but monotonous. At only 8 episodes, the first season is begging to be watched in one sitting. — Brynna Arens

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Elite (2018-present)

Image via Netflix

Created by: Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona

Cast: María Pedraza, Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Bernardeau, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, Álvaro Rico, Arón Piper, Mina El Hammani, Ester Expósito, Omar Ayuso, Danna Paola, Jorge López, Claudia Salas and Georgina Amorós

One of Netflix’s most popular non-English-spoken shows, Elite, has garnered international attention since its first season, especially for the show’s first three seasons. The show’s first season follows three working-class teenagers who begin attending an exclusive private school in Spain; the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder. With every season following a whodunnit setup, Elite banks on the mystery, bringing you back each season. While it might get a bit repeating by the fourth season, the cast of characters continues to bring you back season after season. The guiltiest of guilty pleasure, Elite is full of scandal and shocking moments that prove that over the top can sometimes work. — Arianne Binette

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Money Heist (2017-2021)

Image via Netflix

Created by: Álex Pina

Cast: Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Itziar Ituño, Pedro Alonso, Paco Tous, Alba Flores, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, Esther Acebo and Enrique Arce

For a long time, Money Heist was Netflix’s most popular international show, and for a good reason. Telling the story of a mysterious man known as the “Professor” (Álvaro Morte) recruits eight people, who choose city names as their aliases, to carry out an ambitious plan to enter the Royal Mint of Spain and escape with €984 million. What made Money Heist so different was the way the story was told, with unreliable narrators, twists and turns in every episode, and a heist that was so out of this world and worked perfectly. It was high octane from the first episode and somehow upping the stakes every single time. Never not surprising, it is one of those shows that even seasoned television watchers won’t be able to predict what comes next. — Arianne Binette

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Sense8 (2015-2018)

Image via Netflix

Creators: Lana Wachowski; Lilly Wachowski; J. Michael Straczynski

Cast: Tuppence Middleton, Brian J. Smith, Bae Doona, Max Riemelt, Jamie Clayton, Freema Agyeman, Tina Desai, Miguel Ángel Silvestre

Sense8is less a television show and more of an experience. The technical skill to create this engrossing story of eight interconnected strangers remains a marvel. The show is set in several countries featuring casts from the US, UK, Europe, Africa, and India. The plot is secondary to the nuanced characters who are compelling and incredibly engaging. The many love stories on the show are heart-warming and form the core of the series. Sense8 is a science-fiction extravaganza that demonstrates how effortlessly easy it can be to create a show and cast actors who represent various cultures, gender identities, and the sexual spectrum. There is plenty of twists and a lot of suspense, but this story is about people first. Sense8 was canceled prematurely due to budget constraints but fan-love ensured that the sensates were allowed to conclude their story. The feature-length series finale is a wondrous celebration of happiness and optimism that is unmissable. – Monita Mohan

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The Crown (2016-present)

Claire Foy in The Crown season 1
Image via Netflix

Created By: Peter Morgan

Cast: Claire Foy, Matt Smith, Vanessa Kirby, Eileen Atkins, John Lithgow, Matthew Goode, Olivia Coleman, Tobias Menzies, Helena Bonham Carter, Ben Daniels, Josh O’Connor, Gillian Anderson, Emma Corrin, Emerald Fennell

A historically fictitious account of Queen Elizabeth II life from when she was a child overhearing that her father George VI (Jared Harris) would become the new King after his brother abdicated the throne and onward up through the decades. In the first two seasons, Claire Foy plays the young queen as she navigates her reign through the tumultuous 50s and 60s. In the second two seasons, Olivia Coleman portrays the Queen as she deals with the troubles of her grown children. In the final two seasons, due to premiere soon, Imelda Staunton will take over as the Queen in her later years. The series has won universal acclaim even if it has repeatedly stated it is an entirely fictional account. Even so, it is endlessly addicting to watch the most famous family in the world and imagine what their life may be like if only just for a moment. — Jennifer McHugh

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Wild Wild Country (2018)

Image via Netflix

Directed By: Maclain Way & Chapman Way

Cast: Rajneesh, Ma Anand Sheela, Jane Stork, Philip Toelkes, Laura Eisen

One of the most fascinating docu-series in the past five years tells the story of the Rajneeshpuram community. Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his loyal (and somewhat terrifying) assistant, Ma Anand Sheela took over a small town in Wasco County, Oregon in the last 1960s. The commute was filled with loyal followers of the guru. They just want to be left alone, live on the land and keep the peace. Until they don’t and it starts to get real… wild. It’s a story that is to be seen to be believed. With interviews from Ma Anand Sheela who is still a devout believer as well as some former members, this docu-series is a real wild ride. The six part series premiered in 2018 and won the Emmy for Outstanding Documentary or Non-Fiction Series. — Jennifer McHugh

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Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021)

Image via Netflix

Created by: Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion

Cast: Rosa Salazar, Catherine Keener, Eric Lange, Manny Jacinto, Jeff Ward

If you’re looking for a bingeworthy show that keeps you hitting play on the next episode on pure WTF-factor, Brand New Cherry Flavor is the wild, constantly unpredictable show for you. Co-created by Channel Zero and The Act‘s Nick Antosca, Brand New Cherry Flavor is arguably even more bingeable than his last two hits thanks to its ever-expanding, always evolving world of mysteries and horror. Alita: Battle Angel star Rosa Salazar plays an ambitious and gifted filmmaker who heads to L.A. after some unknown tragedy, strikes up an immediate kinship with a powerful producer, and watches it all go sour in an instant after he steals her film. Seeking revenge, she turns to an eccentric cat-witch, played with delicious scenery-chewing fervor by the great Catherine Keener, invoking a curse that introduces her to a whole new world of wonders… and pain. It’s a twisting, turning, often shocking reinvention of the revenge story and one that keeps you glued to the screen for all 8 episodes. – Haleigh Foutch

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Lupin (2021-present)

Image via Netflix

Created by: George Kay and François Uzan

Cast: Omar Sy, Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, Vincent Londez, Soufiane Guerrab, Shirine Boutella

Netflix’s big international breakout of 2021, Lupinisn’t just one of the most addictive shows of the year, it’s one of the most critically acclaimed. Inspired by Maurice Leblanc’s literary gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, Lupin stars Omar Sy as Assane Diop, a clever and charismatic thief in his own right, using his skills to seek vengeance against the wealthy family that framed his father. Lupin‘s mysteries are as gripping as Sy’s magnetic performance, and you’ll find yourself finished with the first batch of episodes faster than Diop picks a lock – but not to worry, Netflix released Part 2 in a hurry, just a few months after the series’ winter premiere, meaning you’ve got 10 episodes of breathless heists, puzzling mysteries, and sweet sweet vengeance to enjoy while we wait for news on Season 3. – Haleigh Foutch

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I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson (2019-present)

Image via Netflix

Created by: Zach Kanin and Tim Robinson

I Think You Should Leave is not the longest binge-watch you can dive into, but minute-for-minute, joke-for-joke, it is one of the funniest shows you can binge on any streaming service right now. Best known for his work in Detroiters and Saturday Night Live, Tim Robinson co-created this short-episode sketch comedy series, with a long list of top comedy voices as executive producers, including The Lonely Island’s Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone. The result is one of the most deranged and brilliant comedy shows of its time, a complete clusterfuck of nightmare characters, impossible scenarios, and escalating stakes that never ever go where you expect. Featuring an endless roster of recognizable guest stars, from Steven Yeun to Bob Odenkirk, I Think You Should Leave is an instant classic of sketch comedy, and if you’re looking to laugh – really hard – easily one of the best shows to binge-watch on Netflix. – Haleigh Foutch

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Dead to Me (2019-2022)


Created by: Liz Feldman

Cast: Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden

Secrets are poison. They’re also sometimes essential (and messy) building blocks to complicated but necessary relationships — at least that’s part of the thesis the excellent Dead to Me tries to convey with some of the best writing and performances of the Peak TV.

Liz Feldman’s half-hour dramedy is basically the TV equivalent of bite-sized, but each episode packs a feast of rich storytelling as the recently-widowed and very angry Jen (Christina Applegate) slowly befriends an eccentric-but-good-hearted Judy (Linda Cardellini) at a grief counselling group. Jen would rather spend time finding the person responsible for killing her husband in a hit-and-run than do trust fall-y exercises or share her feelings. But emotional catharsis seems like a golden age compared to the truths and lies Jen uncovers and confronts, as her relationship with Judy goes from zero to best friends/accomplices. To say any more would ruin the sincere joy of watching the effortless twists and gut-punch drama unfold. Applegate and Cardellini each deliver career-best work here, with the former’s Lead Actress Emmy nom much deserved.

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New Girl (2011-2018)

Image via Fox

Creator: Elizabeth Meriwether

Cast: Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Damon Wayans Jr., Lamorne Morris, and Hannah Simone

Netflix may not boast the robust catalogue of sitcom classics they used to, but it’s still home to one of the best, most lovable, and most consistently laugh-out-loud funny sitcoms of the 21st century – New Girl. The surface plot summary posits that Zooey Deschanel‘s Jessica Day moves into an apartment with four single guys after a breakup, but the show quickly moves past the initial set-up to become a full-blown ensemble hangout comedy, and it’s all the better for it. When it’s at its best, every single cast member is firing on full blast, and as the series evolves, it settles more and more into its strengths, making it one of the most emotionally rewarding and endlessly entertaining sitcoms to rewatch over and over again. – Haleigh Foutch

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Sex Education (2019-present)

The cast of Sex Education
Image via Netflix

Created by: Laurie Nunn

Cast: Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey, Connor Swindells, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Alistair Petrie

The awkwardness of being a teenager facing very adult problems — love, sex, family, identity — has never been funnier or more poignant than the UK-set Sex Education.

Anchored by a young ensemble of crazy-relatable group of high school characters, lead by Asa Butterfield’s awkward Otis, each of the first season’s brisk eight episodes chronicles the messiness of high school that Otis tries to navigate by starting an unofficial therapy practice for students in a school that considers him as “other.” Otis is almost as good (if not better than) his mother (Gillian Anderson), a licensed therapist with a complicated emotional and sexual history. Their relationship, and all the friction therein, serves as Sex Education’s beating heart — one the show wears on its considerable sleeves without (thankfully) veering into melodrama or contrivance.

The show’s wit and charm are only rivaled by how accurate it captures the terrible privilege of this stage of growing up — the ups and downs and gains and losses of kids finding themselves to be just as adult and unsure as those adults raising them. Frank and R-rated, Sex Education is a refreshing take on the very familiar “coming of age” high school tale. One of the best first seasons ever.

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