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International Day of Human Solidarity @ 2022 Hopes, Quotes, Themes and Greetings to Share

International Day of Human Solidarity @ 2022 Wishes, Quotes, Themes, Greetings to share: every year World Human Solidarity Day or IHSD celebrated December 20th To increase unity and fraternity around the world. This is an official day to focus on universal solidarity and strive to reduce poverty, unemployment and other social ills.This is the first time the date has been observed by the United Nations. Passed resolution 60/209 on 22 June 2005For better implementation, the project was implemented as a universally adopted United Nations Sustainable Goal. On critical days, people contribute and encourage policies that help eradicate poverty and create a healthy economy. This is a global effort by countries striving for a solid economy and a better social environment across the country.To promote this official day, the IHSD Global Solidarity Fund and United Nations Development ProgramThe main motivations for celebrating this official day are:

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  • reduce poverty
  • foster friendship
  • establish global unity
  • Foundation for a better future
  • create silence in the world

So friends of this article we will know International Day of Human Solidarity History, Significance, Themes, Wishes, Quotes, Wallpapers, Greetings, Images and Status Something you can share with your loved ones.

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Key highlights of World Human Solidarity Day 2022

  • Event Name – World Human Solidarity Day 2022
  • Type – Sociability, Awareness
  • Observation date – December 20
  • Observer – Global
  • Importance – The social community empowers rich social peace, fraternity, tranquility, and harmonious relationships around the world
  • 1st Observation – 2005
  • Affiliated Organizations – IHSD, WSF, UNDP
  • Frequency – Annual

Theme for International Day of Human Solidarity 2022

The theme of International Human Solidarity Day is to unite people and show solidarity. The theme of the 2022 official day is Promote solidarity among all peoples and encourage people to work together to end hunger globallyThe theme also focuses on ending global hunger and racism forever.

Wishes and quotes for World Human Solidarity Day 2022

“Uplift your heart with the abundance of prosperity, fraternity and unity. Everyone desires tranquility and peace.”

“Fighting for racism and discrimination is at the root of a disturbing battle for stability and solidarity that beautifies people’s lives with a wish and aura of sheer optimism.”

“To make this world a better place, we need to eradicate poverty.

“Together we can contribute to the eradication of poverty. Together we can fight poverty. Happy International Day of Human Solidarity.”

“Commitments made in international agreements need to be implemented, and the occasion of International Day of Human Solidarity reminds us all of that.”

“We salute the formal day of International Solidarity Day 2022, which unites the deepest hearts of people in deep and harmonious relationships.”

“No matter how different we are from each other, we are very similar in many ways. Happy International Day of Human Solidarity.”

“Let’s work together to end the distance and discrimination. Today is the day to stand together against a worse society, racism and insecurity.”

“On World Day of Human Solidarity 2022, I wish you happy warmth for a peaceful future and a glorious prosperous generation. This is a day of working together and bringing blissful joy.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities can be done on International Solidarity Day 2022?

Anyone can campaign with the slogan of unity and solidarity. You can also hold a street party by participating in Peace and Harmony with each other.

What is the origin of International Solidarity Day 2022?

The United Nations and UNDP are the parent organizations organizing the campaign to implement this important programme.

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