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Official Teaser Confirms Marill as Pokémon’s Next Squishmallow

Pokemon’s Squishmallows collection saw the addition of Clefairy and Teddiursa at the close of 2023, leaving fans eager to discover what would come next. Typically, Pokemon reveals two new additions to the Squishmallows lineup with a six-month interval between announcements, maintaining an air of anticipation. While Dragonite was confirmed as the next Squishmallow, its release date remains uncertain, and its partner Squishmallow has remained a mystery. However, Squishmallows recently unveiled the identity of Dragonite’s companion through a teaser video.

In the teaser, existing Squishmallows are depicted eagerly surrounding a box, awaiting its contents. A phone then emerges, scanning the box to reveal its treasures. While images of the Dragonite Squishmallow have circulated online for some time, its partner, Marill, receives less screen time and has remained undisclosed until now.

Squishmallows confirmed that both Dragonite and Marill will be joining the collection this summer, although specific release dates have not been disclosed. While a Walmart listing hinted at a May release for the Dragonite plush, with pre-orders expected to commence in April, it seems unlikely given Squishmallows’ indication of a summer release. Typically, the 12-inch Pokemon Center Squishmallow is released first, followed by other sizes at later dates.

The addition of Marill to the Squishmallows collection comes as a pleasant surprise to fans, considering its popularity among Johto’s Pokemon and its ideal shape for a Squishmallow. Resembling a round and soft design, Marill’s transformation into a Squishmallow required minimal adjustments, with its distinctive features, including a tail, still intact.

Although Squishmallows have gained popularity, officially licensed collections remain relatively uncommon. Pokemon’s collaboration with Jazwares for its Squishmallows collection stands out, with Sega’s Sonic Squishmallows serving as another notable example. However, the lack of new additions to Sega’s original four suggests potential sales challenges. Additionally, Stranger Things is set to receive its own Squishmallows collection in the future, although details regarding the characters and elements included remain undisclosed.

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