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Mixing Humor, Tales, and Emotion, Don Winslow Embarks on His Farewell Book Tour

Don Winslow, initiating what he deems his final book tour, sensed he might struggle to maintain composure.

“It’s a somewhat bittersweet evening for me,” he remarked Monday, addressing around 40 admirers at The Mysterious Bookshop in downtown Manhattan, a renowned haven for crime literature. “I am obviously much too macho to shed a tear or anything like that — tough guy crime writer. But I might.”

At 70, Winslow disclosed that his upcoming novel, “City in Ruins,” would mark his farewell to fiction writing. His decision doesn’t stem from burnout, illness, or a creative drought. Rather, his focus now centers on one paramount objective: thwarting Donald Trump’s potential return to power, a cause he vigorously champions through social media posts and videos.

“What I fear very much is happening in this country,” he voiced regarding Trump’s possible resurgence. “I need a more immediate sort of address than is available in a novel.”

While still sounding very much like an active author during Monday’s discussion, describing his typical writing routine starting at 4:45 a.m., Winslow also reflected on his journey, recalling the various roles he’s undertaken, from private investigator to Kenya tour guide, and the numerous rejections from publishers.

The Mysterious Bookshop holds particular significance for Winslow. He first appeared there in the early 1990s, promoting his debut novel, “A Cool Breeze on the Underground,” and has revisited the venue on multiple occasions. During the event, he expressed gratitude to the store’s proprietor, Otto Penzler.

“I think we’re the ones thanking you for being here,” Penzler responded.

Emotions welled up within Winslow, causing him to become choked up and avert his gaze.

“I can’t look at Otto,” he confessed upon facing the audience again.

Winslow believes the timing is right for his departure, with “City in Ruins” concluding a trilogy featuring the character Danny Ryan, a dockworker, crime boss, and Hollywood investor, initiated three decades ago. He finds solace in the early positive reception of the book, currently ranking in the top 200 on Amazon.com and garnering widespread acclaim.

Winslow, known for his captivating storytelling and exploration of universal themes, acknowledges the skepticism surrounding his decision. Nevertheless, he remains resolute in his commitment to activism against Trump, admitting that it consumes his thoughts leading up to the November election.

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