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Xbox and its Legacy of Failures – Reader Spotlight

What’s Microsoft doing wrong? (Credit: Getty Images)

One reader is unhappy with Microsoft’s recent actions, claiming it’s wasting money on projects that don’t work.

Like many gamers, I was shocked to see it Microsoft’s full-page ad in a British newspaper this week. Well, shock may not be the correct word. Confused? embarrassed? All of the above is actually to the point where my eyes almost roll my head when I find out where the idea to bring it is. call of duty Another 150 million people visited. In case you didn’t know, we arrived at this number by adding the number of Switch consoles sold (125 million) to the number of GeForce Now subscribers.

It’s so stupid it’s so stupid I don’t even know where to start Xbox that’s all about it. There’s no mention of where they got that number from in the ad or that it has anything to do with the Switch. And of course the fact that anyone with a Switch who got interested in Call of Duty didn’t have it as their only gaming console to begin with.

The silly fabrication and outright desperation on Microsoft’s part is terrible to watch as they constantly twist the truth and say things that any casual gamer would know are blatantly wrong. . If anyone, including Nintendo, wanted Call Of Duty on Switch, and he famously likes money, Activision would have put it there.Microsoft doesn’t need to show up and, like White Knight, will finally bring the game to the Switch. Blizzard “join” them Xboxas if they were intentionally staying away.

As someone who owns both consoles (but hardly used my Xbox Series S), Microsoft seems entitled and bullied, but the idea that they can’t get their way is disgusting. In the face, it’s sadly pathetic. But looking back, their entire legacy is one of failure, missed opportunities, and defeat from the jaws of victory.

The original Xbox tried to enter the industry on the back of an instance where it had to be the best console because it had exactly one game and better graphics. It didn’t work (although it was the only time in a generation not to die). So I ditched my console as soon as possible to get the Xbox 360 out before the PlayStation 3. This seemed like a good idea. Until they discovered it didn’t work and had to spend a billion dollars fixing the red ring of death problem.

The Xbox 360 was arguably their greatest achievement, temporarily surpassing the PlayStation 3 and cementing American-made games as the dominant force in the industry. It was supposed to be the best-selling console of its generation, but was beaten by the Wii, and instead of staying on course and forging its own unique path, Microsoft succumbed to his ShooterBox image and decided to go with the Kinect. You’ve kept everyone away with your legion of villains. motion control game.

Coupled with being always online before the Xbox One was released, we ended up with the Xbox Series X/S. Despite buying other developers and spending big bucks to support Game Pass, they’re still in last place. Not a fanboy insult, but a plain fact, which seems to permeate every level of the company.

Phil Spencer has been in charge of this game for nearly a decade, but how many classic video games has he nurtured to release? Unless you really love Forza, you definitely don’t. And how many new games have all the developers they acquired created? It was barely finished when Microsoft bought them.

And before you tell them they don’t have time yet, just think how long Fable has been in development until now. Confusion for Halo developer 343 Industries at this point. With the money and resources, including developers, Microsoft should be an industry giant, but instead is a perpetual bystander who always promises the world and never delivers.

I say this out of frustration, not hate, but I’m not going to sell the Xbox Series S or anything like that. In fact, I’m curious to see what Starfield is like, assuming Starfield’s latest delay is the last one (another example of good Microsoft management!). But I wish it was on the PlayStation instead. The entire Xbox brand feels more and more ominous and manufactured these days, and I resent having to deal with it.

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https://metro.co.uk/2023/03/11/xbox-and-its-legacy-of-failure-readers-feature-18424064/ Xbox and its Legacy of Failures – Reader Spotlight

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