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Elden Ring and Outdoor Fun

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True to my word, I’ve spent a fair amount of festive breaks crushing The Callisto Protocol’s rudimentary thrills. I’ve found that being stuck in that meaty battle for a few hours provides the perfect catharsis after a day with the wider family. am. So every time the rain stopped, I took a short cycle from London to the North Downs and rode my favorite roads.

Recently, I have come to know the network of villages and the routes that connect them, and have come to look directly at the streets of Lewisham around me. Passing through Chislehurst, we head straight into the countryside, through picturesque Einsford, past the lavender fields of Lullingstone, picking up Pilgrim’s Way, through Wrotham, to Caxton and Cobham (Farningham and (While looping back through Brands Hatch, of course, we’ll sneak a peek at what’s going on that day.) Some days I discover new routes while I struggle to remember old routes. This was a ritual of discovery and remembrance that helped us stay sane during what has been a difficult few years for all of us.

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