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Why 2022 will be a short video format year

In short videos, more people use it to convey their thoughts, opinions, ideas, product reviews, recommendations, and more, expanding the genre.

By Vidya Narayanan

Short videos are the medium of the future. Short videos stay here in a media format that shrinks the span of attention and is universally consumable across literacy boundaries.

India saw a big hype in a short video in 2021, but the field has evolved for a decade. India itself was a fairly mature market by early 2020, with multiple short video platforms.

The 2021 hype in India is an extension of what started with the ban on Chinese apps in 2020, ending the TikTok era in India.

This has brought to light many short video platforms. Some are existing and some are coming soon.

What followed was a big hype caused by three key factors.

  • Quickly achieve over 100 million downloads with indiscriminate spending with deep-pocket apps Google play.
  • A VC that makes a big bet before evidence of a strong product appears.
  • Inflation of creator payments in a crazy rush to lock in TikTok influencers.

The hype also meant that users were being attacked by ads about some apps and they moved from app to app without permanent memory. Meanwhile, Meta and Google grew up with reels and shorts.

Current status of hype

In 18 months, hype developed fatigue.

VCs already in the area are nervously rooting for a bet to win.

People who are not yet in the area are waiting for weak products to run out of money before they intervene.

Creators are fulfilling their contractual obligations for local apps while eagerly trying to grow on Lille.

Consumers are tired of the recycled content of some local apps.

In this state, the reel appears to have succeeded and escaped. However, the variety of content in Lille is not yet at the TikTok level, and the average Indian creator is still mostly out of place on urban platforms.

Shorts are making quiet progress with viewers, but have not yet been able to crack creator tools at a meaningful level.

What do creators and consumers want?

Many platforms can do different things, but consumers want it to be pretty easy.

  • Great, fresh content
  • Great user experience
  • Interactive experience

Creators want amazingly easy-to-use creation tools, fun trends, and growth.

None of this is new to the current market conditions.

What’s next after 2022?

With the proliferation of mobile phones and data, the next 50 million short video creators are emerging in India. They need to get out of fear of the camera and understand how to create compelling content. With the help of an online video editor, simplifying content creation and providing templates that make it easy for people to create videos will be one of the key ways to inspire and enable the next generation of talent.

TikTok simplifies what it takes to be a video creator compared to YouTube. The next change is to bring a one-touch creation experience and templates that further simplify video creation and reduce the time it takes to create content by a factor of 10. This helps to expand the pool of people who can create great content.

To evolve the content itself into a new and unique area that can attract viewers’ interest, the short video app is highly innovative and needs to go beyond a copy of TikTok 18 months ago. TikTok itself is constantly evolving, even though India is no longer a market. However, some local apps that try to imitate TikTok are stuck with old content and features in terms of reference points.

Content is constantly evolving, and platforms that can’t keep up with new trends or even define trends rarely capture the user’s imagination on a large scale. More than any other area, product innovation determines which platforms can be very successful.

In a short video, you’ll also see that the genre expands as more people use it to convey their thoughts, opinions, ideas, product reviews, recommendations, and more. The most successful of these platforms will also be a large social commerce playground.

From a fundamentals perspective, creators and consumers will continue to be interested in short video content, even as VC hype is gone and some platforms leave space.

The span of attention is getting shorter and shorter, and the number of apps competing for user attention continues to grow. With limited resources, competition for entertainment destinations will intensify.

With short videos that allow interrupt-driven consumption throughout the day, the area will thrive for the foreseeable future, even when OTT and other forms of entertainment are competing.

2022 could be the year when almost all of the text will move to video and short video platforms will be at the heart of the explosion.

The author is Rizzle’s CEO and co-founder. The views expressed are personal.

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Why 2022 will be a short video format year Why 2022 will be a short video format year

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