Where And How To Play Andar Bahar Games In India?

There are many card games that we have played as we were growing up. We play for fun, and some add a little more to the experience by betting money on the game with family and friends.

Some of the card games we play have made their way onto the big stage and are being played in casinos in different countries worldwide. There are card games based on chance, such as Black Jack and games that require more skill, like Poker.

Every country has its own card game or its version of a popular card game that they can call their own and love to play.

India has such a card game that is popular amongst the locals. It is called Andar Bahar.

What Is Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar is an Indian card game that is believed to have originated in Bangalore (Bengaluru) in the south of India. It is also known as Katti, Ullae Veliyae or Mangatha.

It is a game that you can play for fun with friends and family, but it has also gained popularity as a gambling game.

There is very little skill involved in this game, and it is a game of chance where the odds of winning are 50/50.

It is played with a deck containing 52 cards, and you play against the dealer. The dealer draws out a card at random from the deck and places it facing up at the centre of the table, revealing its value. This card is known as the Joker or Trump card.

Throughout the game, the dealer draws out two more cards. Each card is placed on the left side (Andar, which means inside in Hindi) or on the right side (Bahar, which means outside in Hindi). Players bet on either side card matching the joker placed.

In simple terms, it is a game based on guesswork where you try to predict in which pile an identical card to the joker will fall.

How Do You Bet And Win?

person holding king of spade playing card

Andar Bahar is mainly played for free in households, but many online casinos have developed a version of the game in their library. You can play Andar Bahar online on 10CRIC with real cash, as with many other online casinos.

Yes, the game has a simple format, but how does one win on it?

When you play on an online casino site, an initial deposit will be required for you to play, especially if you are playing for real money. The minimum deposit varies from site to site, and it can be as low as ₹10 or ₹20. There is also a maximum amount you can bet, and in most cases, the limit is ₹10,000.

Once the dealer has placed and revealed the joker card, you place your first bet on whether the first cards will match the joker will fall on Andar or Bahar. Once the first bet has been made, the deal will draw the first card for each pile (side).

If the first card is of the black suit (spades or clubs), the dealer starts by dealing the cards on Andar and if it is a red suit (hearts or diamonds), then the dealer will start by dealing from Bahar. Not all casinos follow this rule, and it will vary from site to site.

Suppose the card matching the joker appears on Bahar during the first bet. The player who bets on Bahar gets paid 25% of the wagered amount. If the matching card is not amongst the first two cards dealt, then players have the option to place a second on either of the two sides.

The dealer will then draw cards, placing them on each side alternately until a card matching the joker appears.

If the matching card lands on the side you bet on, you will win. All other bets will lose, and the amounts wagered go to the dealer. Also, if the matching card appears on Bahar during the second bet, then the bet is paid 25% of the wagered amount, and the first bet on Bahar is paid even money.

Additional Bets

Different versions of the game exist on different online sites, and each may have different additional bets available. One such optional bet is called Super Bahar. If the first card on Bahar happens to be the same as the joker and you bet on Bahar, you will win 11 times what you would have wagered.

This optional bet can be placed for the first and second bet, and the Super Bahar bets are only valid for that particular Bahar bet.

Other side bets are available on other online casino sites. You can place a bet against the card that the dealer draws as the joker on these sites. You can also place a bet on what the suit of the joker will be or on whether the value of the cards drawn is higher or lower than the joker.

These are all included to give different dynamics to the game and make it more interesting.

Where To Play Andar Bahar

You will be able to play the game anywhere, in public places or private homes, as a pastime and not for money in India. There are limited physical betting activities allowed in India. Betting on horse racing and the lottery are the only two forms of betting allowed in betting houses in the country.

For games like Andar Bahar, you can only play these for money on online sites such as online casinos. There are some dedicated websites explicitly developed for the game.

Some casinos offer the live game and have live casino games featured on their sites. Here you can see and interact with the dealer virtually as well as other players at the table.

If playing alone is your preference, then you can select the video Andar Bahar option. The video is animated, the graphics are either in 2D or 3D, and the cards are drawn out randomly by a computer program.

You can also play both the live and video version on your smartphone, provided the online site is compatible with your phone’s browser or the online site has a smartphone app.

Before playing, you should make sure that you are playing for real money and not the game’s demo version. Be on the lookout for bonuses that these sites offer for the game, like free bet bonuses and deposit bonuses.

Playing Andar Bahar

The game card is simple to play and does not have many rules to it. You can learn to play in a matter of minutes and can offer up some great fun.

Easy to understand and with 50/50 odds of winning and options for side bets. There is no wonder why it is so popular in India.


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