The Most Interesting Playstation Games

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Top Games

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The first game on the list I put everyone’s favorite Skyrim. As for me, this game is really ahead of its time. A huge world, beautiful graphics, and a lot…Bugs. But what kind! To fly into space from the blow of a giant’s club on the ground is something incredible, epileptic spiders are generally lovely!

The fullness of the world is extremely pleasing because you will always find something to do. Explore dungeons, fight dragons, become a vampire and suck the blood of sleeping victims, become a werewolf and tear and throw everything around, or follow the path of Dovakin – it’s up to you.

Far Cry 3

And here is everyone’s favorite Far Edge 3. This game is remembered by many for the mission where you need to burn a field of grass. You know what it is. From the graphic and technical side, this game is just a cannon for its 2012 year. The game is still remembered with great warmth. Also, this game is one of the most beloved games from Ubisoft.

Grand Theft Auto V

Third, on the list, I put the world-famous game that won the hearts of millions of players – Grand Theft Auto V.

8 years have passed since its release, and it still hasn’t lost its insane popularity. On the day of its release, people rushed to the stores to buy a disc on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, in order to be among the first to see another masterpiece of the legendary Rockstar Games. In 2015, the popularity of the game began to rise rapidly after its release on computers.

But the biggest breakthrough was the ability to play online.

Grand Theft Auto: Online made it possible to play a car thief simulator not only alone, but also with a friend.

The Last Of Us

A great story with a great main character. Former greatness.

The Last of Us was one of the most beloved exclusives. To this day, I remember this game with warmth, because it became my favorite PS3 exclusive. I spent many evenings behind her, having passed the game with pleasure in one gulp. Cool main characters, whose development is interesting to watch, a beautiful, well-developed world, which is a pleasure to wander through, really scary and frightening monsters – all this is The Last of Us.

Battlefield 4

This game is still remembered with warmth. A cool storyline, a lot of weapons and destruction – the world-famous Battlefield 4 has become famous for all this. Until now, the game servers have a large number of players, the plot and destructibility of the game still fall into the tops of the best of the best.

A great game from great developers. Sometimes, I still go into the game in order to have fun with my friends. I condemn people using RPGs and claymores.

Dark Souls II

And here is one of the most beloved hardcore games – Dark Souls II.

This part of the Souls series was remembered by the players, perhaps, more than all the others. A difficult game that leaves no chance for casual players. The game is addictive in its complexity. Many people have a desire to go through the game to the end simply because it is a test. A difficult test that you want to overcome at all costs.

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