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The Connection Between Video Games and Casino Games Gets Stronger

The video gaming industry and the casino gaming industry are both very different, but with each passing year, and the advancements that are being made by the casino industry, the connection between them is getting stronger.

Casino slot games are changing dramatically, offering a different, more complex gaming style for players to enjoy. The advancements are popular, and it is these advancements that are pushing the industry more and more towards the video gaming industry.

Games are the most important part of a casino site for many people, players want excitement, but they also want choice. With comparison sites such as Luckydice detailing the pros and cons of each casino, gamers can quickly see where the best games are, who offers the most choice, and which casinos are pushing hard and working with developers to create something new and different.

Slot games are part of that, and this is where we are seeing elements of video gaming appear in casino games.

What are Slots Offering?

If you remember slots from many years ago, with three reels and a variety of fruits as the symbols then you will be shocked to see what these games are like now. A varied number of reels, themed symbols, free spin games, wilds, expanding reels and bonus games are just some of what you can expect to see on the latest, action packed slot games.

If you look at the latest gaming news, the talk is all about using the latest technology and making games as big and bold as possible, something we are seeing inside slot games. Rather than sticking on the reels, these games offer bonus features and games inside, so you get taken away from the reels, in a bid to win prizes, features or free spins.

This is where the video gaming element comes into play. With great graphics, video play before you play the feature and the option of doing something away from the reels, when you are taken into this part of the game, it feels like you are playing a video game.

More in the Future?

One of the intriguing aspects of this is how things will move in the future. Given eSports and the betting industry are working together strongly, could we see video games and slot games making a move to do the same?

Will we see big games, such as Far Cry 6 at the end of 2021, eventually be used as a slot game theme? Could this mean that we not only see themed symbols from the game, and a gaming board that is taken from the game, but we also see a bonus feature and game that is taken from the video game itself?

These are all possibilities, and the next logical step, if the makers of video games want to start working with slot developers. Should that happen, it would be an encouraging and exciting step for fans of both industries, and certainly something to watch out for.


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