The Biggest Mobile Games of 2022

The world of gaming has always had mobile gamers. Back in the day, you played Snake on your Nokia phone, but today you play high-quality mobile games on your smartphones and tablets. It’s 2022 so the mobile gaming market takes up a chunk of the gaming market. Mobile gamers range in the millions as the market is taking another step forward.

The popularity of mobile gaming has also impacted the world of iGaming. Online casinos have gone mobile-friendly and even offer app versions of themselves. Any real money casino Australia has to offer will be mobile-friendly so players can access them via their Android and iOS devices.

When it comes to the world of mobile gaming, it has plenty of games to offer, but only some of them deserve the title of the biggest mobile games of 2022:

Rise of Cultures

The world of strategy games has gone mobile and Rise of Cultures is proof of it. As the name suggests, you’ll be the invisible hand that guides a culture from scratch to the peak of its existence. You can pick any culture you like and start from the Stone Age or any other Age you prefer. As time passes, your tribe will evolve as you discover new technologies and improve housing, farming, weapons, and more. If you’re into city-building or nation-building games, then Rise of Cultures is a game to download on your smartphone.

Mafia City

The thing about Mafia City is that it’s a popular title and you might have heard of it. The game doesn’t take you back to the golden days of the mafia. Instead, it puts you in a modern world where you get to be the boss of your own crew. You can recruit NPCs, build safe houses and find ways to make money off rackets. As its online, you can even ally with your friends to defeat your enemies or become a feared boss by taking them out on your own. In short, it’s the Mafia Fantasy in a modern setting.

Backrooms: Shoot Them All

You’ve probably heard of a game that puts you in a corridor and gives you some objectives to do. There are several such games and Backrooms: Shoot Them All is similar to them as it follows the same idea. The objective is to shoot them all while you’re going through the corridor to find a safe zone. You’ll get a variety of guns and creatures to shoot in this game and if you like shooters then Backrooms: Shoot Them All is your best bet.

Monument Valley

If you like puzzles, you’ll find lots of different puzzle games for your mobile phones, such as crossword puzzles, riddles, and even spatial puzzles. The latter has been brought to life in Monument Valley. It features a variety of spatial puzzles with beautiful backgrounds like cloudy skies, and clear night skies with the moon, and you’ll get to move balls and other objects all over castles and other interesting buildings. It’s a serene game with a singular atmosphere.


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