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The Biggest Casino Wins of All Time

The epicenter of nightlife, incomparable restaurants, luxury shops open at any time of the day or night. All these are synonyms of Las Vegas.

While spending your vacation in this city, forget for a moment about all the money that you can win or lose at the casino, spend on shopping in luxury stores. Las Vegas has bright lights, loud sounds, and an exotic parade of people coming here to plunge into the atmosphere of the legendary “Sin City”. A vacation in Las Vegas is like a vacation.

In Las Vegas, you can become one of the best sports bet winners in just a few minutes. You can also change your destiny at the N1 Casino in Greece. A playground that will allow you to try your luck on the most favorable terms.


This is the largest sports bet ever. In 2003, a programmer from Los Angeles was in Las Vegas and enjoyed a basketball match of his favorite team. During the next break in the match, the boy went to the gambling house, which was on the floor below. Betting less than a hundred dollars, this guy breaks the jackpot, which falls completely randomly. The jackpot amount was $40 million. According to local laws, it will not pay the entire amount to him in one payment.


The next unique case of a big win occurred in 2000 in Las Vegas. And he got a girl who worked as a server at a local restaurant. After the shift, the girl relaxed and went to a gambling establishment. I had less than $30 in my pocket. After losing almost the entire amount, the jackpot falls to the girl on the machine. It accumulate from the percentage of money lost by other players. The winning amount was almost $35 million.


The next lucky person was Grandma, who celebrated her 74 years in Las Vegas. Grandma went to the gambling house at the Baileys Hotel. After charging a small amount of money to warm up, grandma breaks the jackpot of almost $23 million. And now the most interesting thing. This jackpot amount has been accumulating for almost two years, since when the same jackpot fell to the server we have already mentioned.

18,000,000 euros

Because of the rapid development of the Internet, online casinos have become very popular. And the next lucky person and the owner of a huge amount of money won them in an online casino. This lucky guy bet 25 cents per spin. Playing for about half an hour, a jackpot of 18 million euros falls on the player’s head.

5,000,000 dollars

Another lucky winner was a 76-year-old war veteran who raised about $5 million from the start in Las Vegas. As befits the psychology of the casino – the winnings should come back.This old man continued to go to the same casino and lose money there. However, his luck knows no bounds — he wins big again, or rather raises the amount of $21 million.


This is the biggest sports bet win in history. This amount on the slot machine was lucky to win 74-year-old American Johanna Heindl. She celebrated her birthday by going to the gambling house. And this woman also played on the “one-armed bandit” of the Megabucks system. She became the next after Cynthia Jay, who broke the jackpot of more than $20 million on the machines of this system.

17,800,000 euros

It won this prize by a 40-year-old man from Helsinki, who wished to remain incognito. To become a millionaire, this lucky guy did not even need to leave his house – he won such an amount in half an hour of playing in an online slot machine club.

11,736,375 euros

A young guy from Norway won this amount in an online casino in 2011. The Norwegian student won the jackpot by playing the Mega Fortune slot, and all it paid the winnings to the winner on September 24 of the same year. In 2011, this prize was the largest in the history of an online casino, so it included information about this jackpot in the Guinness Book of Records.


News about big bet win regularly appears on websites. It is quite possible that soon, some visitors of an online casino will beat the record of a programmer from Los Angeles. But an important advantage of online slot machine clubs is that they can play them not only for real money.


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