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Slavic Punk: Oldtimer

SlavicPunk: Oldtimer is an isometric shooter video game based on the work of famous Polish sci-fi and fantasy author Michal Golkowski. It was he who created the story of Janus, a private detective with a troubled past, who is now trying to solve an unexpected case involving a stolen data carrier. Meanwhile, he continues to battle his own inner demons, urban gangs, and a near-omnipotent corporation. He was responsible for the fall of the city he once called his own. SlavicPunk’s tale shows that there’s more to this dystopian future than meets the eye, and it’s up to players to discover what lies beneath the neon glow and concrete streets . Help Janus unravel the final case and find out how cruel and ugly the truth can be.

https://www.gamespot.com/games/slavicpunk-oldtimer/ Slavic Punk: Oldtimer

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