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Yoga therapy to fight viral infections

Boost your immunity and be ready to beat nasty viral infections. Monsoons and ever-changing weather leave us exhausted and prone to sore throats, colds and fevers. But don’t worry. Yoga therapy helps with its holistic approach.

How can yoga therapy help?

Yoga Therapy Efforts Five different levels: physical, energetic, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Let’s see how it can help!

1. Body

Here are some yoga asanas that you can practice to relieve the physical symptoms of infection.

A. Uttanasanayoga therapyIt helps clear the sinus passages, thereby clearing blockages and allowing for more full breathing. It activates the nervous system and relieves stress and tension.

B. Setubandasanachest opens. It also helps send fresh blood to your head and further open your sinuses. This asana also activates the thymus, one of the main organs of the immune system.

C. Viparit Karni The leg-to-wall pose is a great pose to practice to combat respiratory ailments. Practicing this asana may help relieve headaches and back pain associated with colds. Practicing this asana calms the mind and helps the body to cope with the cold and reduce the fatigue that is common after a cold. This asana helps immune cells move throughout the body.

D. Adho Mukha SvanasanaIn this asana the heart is higher than the head. Doing so causes a reversal of gravity and promotes proper circulation of lymph and blood. Gentle inversion allows white blood cells to flow freely throughout the body and also helps drain the sinuses.

E. Ustraasana This asana opens the chest and removes all passages. It is important to breathe as much as possible while in this pose. This will open up any jammed areas that are causing the cold.

F. Matsyasana This asana raises the chest and opens the throat. This may improve breathing and relieve cold symptoms. When you have a cold, a cushion, bolster, or yoga block can support your upper chest and back for optimal recovery.

2. Energy body

pranayama It is done to remove mucus and respiratory excitement. Here are some practical ways to do this:

  • Kaparvati Pranayama: Helps clear airway blockages. It improves blood circulation and uplifts the spirit. Taking 2-3 rounds twice a day will give you renewed energy to fight colds.
  • Bhastrika Pranayama: Accompanied by a powerful exhalation that helps clear the nasal passages.
  • nadi shodan pranayama: Helps open a stuffy nose. It also improves the flow of oxygen to the lungs and keeps the mind calm.
  • Ujjayi Pranayama: Increase lung capacity and expel toxins with every breath.

3. Mental level

A simple Dhyana meditation is practiced to keep you relaxed during times of physical stress. Just sitting in a quiet place with your eyes closed and meditating for a few minutes can strengthen your immune system and help fight all kinds of infections.

4. Intellectual level

Observing parts of the self while practicing yoga increases self-awareness. This realization removes turmoil and brings self-love and compassion.

  • Shavasana: It is a pose for deep rest. When you have a cold, it may be enough just to rest your body. It energizes the body and helps it better fight the virus that causes the common cold. It helps you shift focus to yourself, heighten your awareness, and relax your mind and body.

5. Spiritual level

Meditation, prayer and chanting can help boost your immunity and keep you mentally strong while your body struggles with an infection.

Practicing a yoga therapy-based module against viral infections not only strengthens the body’s immune system, but also improves mental health, which is very important for healing and recovery. Staying mentally strong helps our body fight any infection better. Yoga therapy works on our overall health. It gives a person a strong body, a strong mind, and a strong mind to overcome most things.

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