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Shaw has a hard time wearing new shoes

“Fuck the new me,” Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon) rants in one of Season 2’s angst-filled, existential moments. And so on… Elsewhere, our beloved laptop/fashion queen Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) thinks: sex and the city, And I don’t know if it will suit me. ’ Whoa. It’s so meta.

Welcome to 2023. And so on… It seems that he doesn’t understand his own existence.Season 2 is a nice improvement over the first round of HBO’s reboot sex and the city Even though it’s a series, it never actually takes place, so to speak. Yet, like any relationship that’s been committed for decades, you tend to let the angst go, then get back to bed together and enjoy the journey. However, it appeared again this time.the most interesting is And so on… This season may surprise viewers, but it has nothing to do with the show’s main characters.this is not really a show just About Carrie.

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Everything that is everywhere is as it is…


Indeed, when the series’ first season was in development, the addition of an all-new ensemble cast looked fine on paper. After the 2016 elections, things were politically and culturally turbulent. Diversity and inclusion became a coveted topic of discussion, and taking action to expand the world we experience on television became a major topic of discussion. fine.

Adding variety to any show is welcome (look connors for reference), but it still feels forced here. Great to see Nicole Ali Parker as Lisa, Karen Pittman as Nya and Sarita Chowdhury as Seema.If so And so on… We would give these good actresses and their characters more than enough roles. As a result, we dive into the non-Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) half of the story. It’s not a bad idea. However, those stories don’t always land well and aren’t fully executed. As a result, we feel like we’re watching different shows within one show, not quite sure what we want. Season 2 doesn’t have a coherent and coherent line. That said, any one of the three new characters could lead a new series featuring Parker, Pitman, and Chowdhury. they are very good

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There are some exceptions to “new characters” here, most notably Che (Grey’s AnatomySara Ramirez is in great form), who became Miranda’s lover at the end of season one. If you recall, Miranda has come a long way and she departed with podcaster/comic/new love Che. Season 2 begins with Miranda in Los Angeles, while Carrie and Charlotte remain in New York. As one of her freshest developments, this drama meticulously deals with the development of Miranda and Che’s relationship. and reliability. There was a moment when this reviewer stopped what he was watching and said: Miranda has really evolved as a character. So is Che. she is good for them. “

That feeling doesn’t necessarily carry over to some of the other characters. And the fact that even though her three quarters of this article is over, Carrie, he’s not even mentioned a single thing about what’s going on gives us a hint of that. . Something that has an impact. Oh, it really isn’t all that bad. We had high hopes for series creator Michael Patrick King, himself a big shot, and of course Parker, who is on board as executive producer here. .did you get to Samantha (Kim Cattrall) And Aidan (John Corbett) yet? Pour another universe. because…

Surprise awaits in the second half of the season

The cast of And Just Like That

Asking your audience to be patient for more than four episodes can be tough, but fear not. By the time episodes 5 and 6 begin, there are light and rewarding scripted moments that make you want to read more. As many have reported, Kim Cattrall will be returning for Season 2. But fans will have to wait until the final episode comes out later this summer. Cattrall reportedly made a cameo at the end of the season, and her appearance is tied to events unfolding at the time. stay tuned. Samantha does not appear in this version. Sure, she’s been mentioned, but Cathor’s unique take on the character still leaves a huge creative hole in the series.

in the meantime, Good rumors about John Corbett’s return Carrie’s former Aidan. This plot point is the most promising, and if you have the patience, you’ll get a sense that something great is lurking beyond Episode 6. After all, Carrie and Aidan have a passionate, if not turbulent, past. It will be interesting to see how the series lives up to that. From what few critics have seen so far, all we can say is, “Thank you, John Corbett, for coming back to this story.”

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Meanwhile, early in season two, we see Carrie promoting a new book chronicling the death of her husband, John/Big (Chris Noth). Parker imbues Carrie, who is still trying to find her new footing, with her vulnerability and awkwardness. So happy to see Candice Bergen here again. She plays outspoken Vogue editor Enid Frick, who is also at a major turning point in her life. If you’re wondering how the show will track Carrie’s potential surprise with podcast producer Franklin (Ivan Hernandez) last season, rest assured. There’s a lot of “play” in it, and how she handles it is a given for Carrie and for this version of the show.

To find out…and in return

Witty jokes and surprising quotes pop up here and there. At least for the first few episodes of the show, the core group lacks delicious conversation over cocktails. When Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte connect like that, the show levels up quickly. The same goes for Mario Cantone’s Anthony. It would be nice to see more of this actor and character. Canton’s representation of the Spitfire is spot on, and why this character wasn’t given a chance to explore more here seems like a missed opportunity. The hopeful story of Charlotte’s children (Kathy Ann, Alexa Swinton) is captivating. There’s also drama involving Miranda’s son Brady (Nile Cunningham), and that could end up somewhere. Let’s make it happen, please.

Other notables: The series goes to great lengths to create crowd scenes that don’t necessarily go anywhere (Met Gala, for example). Like the ellipsis at the end of the show’s name, the phrase “bigger things are coming over here” is constantly teased. That’s better. After all, many viewers love to get off, just like the show’s adventurous characters.

And so on… The first two episodes will be released on Max on June 22nd. New episodes air every Thursday. Shaw has a hard time wearing new shoes

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