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Pikmin 5 shouldn’t take another 10 years to come out says producer

Pikmin 4 – they said Pikmin 4 wouldn’t take very long either and that was in 2015 (Picture: Nintendo)

Nintendo producer Takashi Tezuka has suggested Pikmin 5 will happen but that the wait for it won’t be as long as it was for Pikmin 4.

While it’s always been a favourite of Shigeru Miyamoto, the Pikmin series has never been a big money maker for Nintendo, which would explain why gaps between new mainline entries became incredibly long.

Fortunately, Pikmin 4 was worth the 10 year wait after Pikmin 3 and appears to be the series’ breakout moment, especially in Japan. There, it had the best first week sales in the series, selling more copies than the previous three games combined.

So, could this incentivise Nintendo to make a new Pikmin sequel more of a priority? Maybe, as series producer and Nintendo veteran Takashi Tezuka has promised to ‘try not to let everyone wait.’

This comes via a recent interview with Eurogamer, which primarily discusses Tezuka’s work on the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

However, Tezuka was briefly asked if Nintendo could try not taking so long with Pikmin 5, to which Tezuka agreed, saying, ‘I think that would be best as well. We’ll try not to let everyone wait.’

While it would be nice not having to wait until 2033 for Pikmin 5, keep in mind that Miyamoto said something very similar regarding Pikmin 4.

That game was technically announced back in 2015 and Miyamoto even said it was ‘very close to completion.’ And yet Pikmin 4 didn’t actually come out until this July.

Whatever happens it’s very unlikely Pikmin 5 will launch for the current Switch, as it’s widely believed that it’s successor (informally dubbed the Switch 2) will launch next year.

It’s not impossible Nintendo could launch a new spin-off in the meantime though, like the 3DS side-scroller Hey! Pikmin from 2017.

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