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Netflix Acquires Triple Town and Cozy Grove Developer Spry Fox

Netflix’s continued grip on part of the video game pie follows the streaming service’s announcement that it has acquired Spry Fox, the studio behind the likes of Triple Town, Alphabear, and last year’s Cozy Grove.

Netflix has shared this news – coming just under a year from the streaming service took the first tentative step into the game – Moreover websiteSpry Fox’s focus on “cozy and original” games is a testament to “Netflix’s gaming catalog that accelerates creative development in another beloved genre and offers something for everyone.” “It helps to promote the diversification of

It’s unclear what today’s news means for Spry Fox’s previously announced Publishing partnership with Epic Gameswhich was intended to bring “a multi-platform, non-violent, enduring ‘MMO’ designed to promote friendship and reduce loneliness in the world.”

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With the acquisition of Spry Fox, Netflix now owns six studios. Oxenfree developers Night School Studio, Boss Fight Entertainment, Next Games, new Helsinki teamand a new Southern California studio led by former Overwatch executive producer Chacco Sony.

So far, Netflix’s gaming venture has been limited to mobile titles, and the streaming service currently includes access to about 35 casual iOS and Android games as part of its standard subscription.However, according to a report in August Less than 1% of Netflix subscribers plays games every day, suggesting it could be a long time before games are considered core to Netflix’s business.

Earlier this year, The Washington Post report Netflix’s ultimate goal was to “build a games business that can create synergy between what people watch and what they play.”Last year’s Hextech Mayhem: A League of Just like Legends Story.

The same report says that Netflix is ​​looking beyond mobile to “video game content opportunities from all directions.”these opportunities May include cloud gaming servicesNetflix Vice President of Gaming Mike Verdu revealed earlier this month. Netflix Acquires Triple Town and Cozy Grove Developer Spry Fox

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