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Nemeth Steals His Second Super Million$ Title

If you have followed along with the sport of professional poker for a number of years, you may be familiar with Andras Nemeth and his stratospheric rise to superstardom. In 2021, however, he made poker history by winning his second Super Million$ title, and a $284,669 payout, just a couple of months after bagging his first. If you are a devoted fan of the poker pro or have yet to familiarise yourself with his impressive career highlights, continue reading to find out how his former successes shaped his extraordinary win.

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The moment of truth

In August of this year, Nemeth made a triumphant return to the professional poker world by earning his first Super Million$ title during a star-studded finale against a handful of worthy competitors. It was when he found himself playing against Artur Martirosian, however, that he outplayed his opponent to claim victory and scoop a cool $325,957 prize in the process. This seemingly once-in-a-lifetime achievement was mirrored recently when he accomplished his second Super Million$ title and battled it out against only eight players due to a double elimination the previous day. This meant that every participant successfully secured $50,435 just by returning to the table and were, as a result, only seven eliminations away from a final prize fund of $284,669, which Nemeth won.

A glittering poker career

It may have been his most recent wins that led to a number of headlines all over the world, but Nemeth has enjoyed nothing short of a glittering career during his time as a professional poker player with an estimated $3,494,833 in total career winnings so far excluding cash games. In 2020, for example, he was eliminated in third place during a $50,000 No-Limit Hold ‘Em event at the Australian Poker Open and has continued playing at online poker platforms, such as GGPoker, with his recognisable “probirs” moniker throughout the course of his professional career. This is nothing, however, compared to the 55 public professional poker tournaments he has participated in over the years that has led to him becoming the fourth-best poker player in Hungary and climbing to 442nd in the all-time global money list. If this wasn’t enough, he also bagged $692,882 in a single poker tournament in 2018 when he won a €25,000 event that was held in Barcelona.

A secretive player

In 2019, stats outlining Nemeth’s entire online career winnings were suddenly removed from the internet and, as a result, very little is known about his life both personally and professionally. It is possible to do your research and uncover snippets of information about the poker pro, but they are relatively few and far between and it can be difficult to pinpoint when he first discovered the game of poker, what encouraged him to progress to professional poker, and, perhaps most importantly, which expert strategies he employs at the table. In fact, the only fact professional poker fans and players alike are aware of when it comes to Nemeth is that his first public appearance was in either 2009 or 2010.

If you are a life-long or recent poker fan, you may have heard the news that professional poker player Andras Nemeth has bagged his second Super Million$ title recently just a number of months after securing his first in August. It led to a larger discussion about the player’s past successes, the moment he won, and the fact that he is a highly secretive player with little to no information publicly available online. It also comes as he celebrates a decade in the sport and has no plans to slow down any time soon.


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