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MCU ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross reportedly recast with Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford will reportedly play General Ross, aka “Thunderbolt,” returning to the MCU.

According to reporter Jeff Snyder, the Indiana Jones star is fit to be the infamous Marvel general following the death of original actor William Hurt.

“Actually, I’ve heard that Harrison Ford has been cast as General Thunderbolt Ross, who will be making his first appearance in Captain America 4,” Snyder said. Via Twitter.

The news was confirmed by /movie He also added that Ford will be coming to Marvel. thunderbolt – A new supervillain team-up movie that brings Marvel’s Phase 5 to an end.

General Ross has already appeared in the MCU, first in the 2008 film, Incredible Hulkand Captain America: Civil War, the last two Infinity Saga Avengers films, and Black Widow.

but former actor William Hurt died earlier this yearRoss thunderbolt Movie – a bit of a no-brainer, given the name.

Ford’s role in the upcoming film remains unknown at this time, although the character “Thunderbolt” Ross will often play a role similar to Ford’s. Suicide Squad Amanda Waller in comics. But there may also be a more fan-pleasing version of Ross…

A recent episode of Marvel’s She-Hulk teased the “Red Hulk.” This is exactly what happened to Ross in the comics. Created as part of the Super Soldier program by Intelligentsia (an organization that also appears in the film) She-Hulk), Red Hulk debuted in 2008. He quickly became a fan favorite, becoming a more tactical, weapon-wielding Hulk.

However, Marvel’s Hulk role often involves a lot of motion capture work, and it’s unclear if Ford will wear a motion capture suit to bring Red Hulk to the big screen. Either way, it looks like ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross is back. Whether or not we get Red Hulk remains a mystery.

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Ryan Leston is IGN’s entertainment journalist and film can follow him twitter. MCU ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross reportedly recast with Harrison Ford

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