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life is wonderful!Movie: Review | Release Date (2022) | Songs | Music |

life is wonderful! will be released on December 9, 2022. Loneliness. hope.

Living a solemn and quiet life in the picturesque hills of North India, Rameshwar slowly feels his world slipping through his fingertips. An accountant going through a midlife crisis has lost the person he had.

With no wife and no children, it is up to Rameshwar to find his next move and take on life on his own. Can he make the changes he needs to feel whole again? He feels as if he has no purpose in life, as if he is lost in the maze of life. He’s thinking of ending it once and for all, but the universe has something else in store for him, someone to guide him.

Six-year-old girl Mishti enters Rameshwar’s life in divine timing. Her amazing spirit and her zest for life pique his interest as he witnesses him blossom from young girl to woman. Through her aging, however, he realizes that their time as her friend may soon be over: Mishti will likely move to America with her fiancée. But for Rameshwar, losing her is not an option for her. He does not support another close person leaving him again. When a twist of fate strikes, Rameshwar must ponder how to move on with his life and he must find the answer that seems to be in front of him!

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