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Joker Sequel: Lady Gaga Character First Revealed

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Joker director Todd Phillips has unveiled the character of Lady Gaga in a sequel titled Joker: For a Do.

She is believed to be playing Harley Quinn in Forri-a-Do. Joker used the DC villain’s source material with great liberty (to say the least), but if Gaga was playing Harley Quinn and the sequel was pulling from her existing origin story, this would be a good idea. may indicate her first encounter while working as a therapist by that name. Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

See photo below.

Gaga officially announced her engagement Sequel last August, revealed its title and release date – October 4, 2024 – on her social media channels. She hasn’t confirmed who she’s playing, but she did show her and Phoenix dancing around in black and red silhouettes (with hearts on her Gaga cheeks) in the teaser video released with the announcement. is attached).

Phillips is co-writing the script for the sequel, and Phoenix will return to directing, reprising his role as Arthur Fleck, aka The Joker. With a slight twist, it is also reported that: Joker: Folie à Deux will be a musical – quite a change from the gritty take of the first film.

This tease comes shortly after James Gunn and Peter Safran announced the first plans for a revamped DCU last month. Chapter 1 Gods and MonstersHowever, Phillips’ take on the Joker exists outside of the main universe their plans address, as well as Matt Reeves’ Batman trilogy.

Alex Stedman is IGN’s news editor and oversees entertainment coverage. When he’s not writing or editing, he’s reading fantasy novels and playing Dungeons & Dragons. Joker Sequel: Lady Gaga Character First Revealed

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