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How Neelima Kulshrestha Used GOQii to Manage Diabetes and Blood Pressure Issues

Even the smallest decisions can have a big impact on your life. Have you ever come to a crossroads where you weren’t sure about a decision, but once you made it, did your life change for the better? Her life changed for the better when she accepted. Here is her health story with GOQii:

Multiple lifestyle diseases and drugs

Neelima is a 38 year old housewife from Delhi. After her marriage, her life revolved only around her family and her children, and she had no time for herself. At age 34, she developed problems with diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, and triglycerides. She used medication to manage all these issues.

I had to have my blood pressure checked regularly because it was constantly rising. After a while, her hands began to feel excruciating pain every time her arms were tied to check her blood pressure.To help her, her husband asked her to check her blood pressure 24/7. I started researching for something like a smartwatch that can monitor the day. After combing through the internet, he found his GOQii and was pleased with the reviews.He thinks this is the best option and buys a smartwatch GOQii website February 2022.

make a decision to make a positive lifestyle change

Initially, I bought the device just to monitor my blood pressure. I wasn’t keen on joining the coach, so I never activated the code for 3 months free coaching his service.‘ said Neelima Krushlesta. However, her husband insisted that she should try since her services were free for her three months of coaching. After much resistance, Neelima Krushlesta finally started a coaching subscription. In fact, she asked her husband to join an intro call to discuss her health with her coach.

She joined GOQii for weight loss. She considered diabetes and hypertension to be her lifelong companions. She wasn’t sure if these problems could be managed with appropriate lifestyle changes.

During the first month, Neelima says connecting with her coach was hard work and not regular. It wasn’t until the second month that she started to take it seriously.See what happens and what changes a coach can make.“Now she says,”no regrets

As the GOQii coach slowly began incorporating new habits into her lifestyle, she began to see changes. As she started following all the habits recommended by her GOQii coach (like drinking vegetable juices, switching to millet and exercising) she was starting to feel active. She never made excuses even though she was taking care of a small child.

As part of her routine, she now walks about 20,000 steps daily and exercises regularly. Her GOQii coach also helped her maintain control of her potions.

Even her husband has seen a change. GOQii With her coach, Neelima credits her husband for the lifestyle change, stating: Without my husband and his motivation, I would never have made it this far!

What changes did Neelima Krushrestha observe?

Neelima’s blood sugar levels say a lot about her dedication to a healthy lifestyle.GOQii coach Madhu Soni said. In April 2022 her fasting blood sugar was 195 and her PP was 150. Now her fasting blood sugar is 96 and her PP is 102. Her HbA1c dropped from 8.6 to 6.4 in her June.

When she started her journey with GOQii, she weighed 104kg and now weighs 82.4kg. Her BP hasn’t hit the benchmark yet, but I’m sure it will hit the mark soon.GOQii coach Madhu Soni said.

Recently, Neelima spoke with Founder and CEO Vishal Gondar on an episode of GOQii Health Stories to discuss her journey and the changes brought about by GOQii coach Madhu Soni. You can watch the full episode here:

Neelima Kulshrestha is currently an elite player for 199 days and is in the top 6% of active players on the GOQii platform. Thanks to the changes she’s seen by making small changes to her lifestyle, she’s now encouraging her family and friends to adopt a healthy lifestyle as well.

If this story inspired you, or if you want to lower your HbA1c levels and manage lifestyle diseases, download the GOQii app, sign up for personalized health coaching here, and contact us. please. https://goqiiapp.page.link/bsr

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https://goqii.com/blog/how-neelima-kulshrestha-managed-diabetes-bp-issues-with-goqii/ How Neelima Kulshrestha Used GOQii to Manage Diabetes and Blood Pressure Issues

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