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Futuristic Car Technologies That Will Transform the Auto Industry

Technology is disrupting how we do everything—from the way we shop and communicate with each other to how we drive our cars.

In essence, modern technology is turning everything upside down. That’s why the automotive industry has to stay relevant to avoid being left out.

Experts envision (through research) an array of possible scenarios for the world50 years into the future, including technology advancements to dystopian developments.

We’ve already seen great technological advancements in the automotive space, including key finders, dash-cams, and in-car Bluetooth systems.

But, what’s next for the world of auto technology?

Car-to-Car Communication System

Internet-enabled cars already exist. But we expect cars to connect in the future. This futuristic automotive innovation will transform the driving experience.

Using enhanced precision, inter-car communication tech invention will prevent road collisions in the future with utmost accuracy before they even occur.

The innovation will predict an accident then send an alert to the driver on the possible danger lurking ahead—forcing a quick reaction to avert an impending accident.

Autonomous Cars

Self-driving cars (autonomous cars) are already in pilot testing.

Leading automakers such asAudi are testing this technology. Volkswagen also plans to roll out its first fleet of self-driving test cars in China’s newest electric vehicle (EV) hub.

Like inter-car communication systems, autonomous technology anticipates and reduces human-based errors when on the road.

There’s no better way to enhance road safety than allowing self-driving cars (to intercommunicate) and find safer ways to reduce road accidents and fatalities. Autonomous cars will help people ride cars “with confidence”.

Augmented Reality Dashboards

Imagine technology completely enhancing your driving experience.

Augmented reality (AR) dashboards (with video-game aesthetics) will display everything you need to know about your car on the dashboard.

Besides your car’s information, AR dashboards will also display safety-related functions on a screen, including how fast an oncoming vehicle is approaching you and how best to avoid crashing into the vehicle.

Also, we expect essential virtual truck customization information to get displayed on AR dashboards in the future, further enhancing your overall driving experience.

Smart Integration Technology

Smart gadgets can now synchronize with in-built smart technology in cars.

But in the future, expect full smart integration capabilities in smartwatchesand phones—a technology expected to take the automotive industry to the next level.

Hyundai has already partnered with Android Wear up (smart wearable technology) to help drivers to execute multiple commands using only their smartwatch.

In the distant future, smart wearable technology will turn on car headlights, sound car horns, lock car doors, and start a car’s engine remotely.

Automakers are designing vehicles with in-built smart technology such asartificial intelligence (AI), integrating popular apps into the car’s system—accessible with the help of a dashboard screen.

Imagine one day starting up your car engine using a wave of a hand. It’s possible. In the future, gestures among (other futuristic capabilities) will control certain car elements.

Besides making driving fun, futuristic technology will improve safety and enhance the driving experience—making our roads safer than before.

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