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How to Replace Caster Wheels Without Undue Laboring

Office chairs are comfortable furniture that has become widespread. They are so popular due to their beautiful modern design, ergonomics, and portability. Mentioned units are equipped with small wheels that allow you to move over short distances without leaving the seat. Actually, it’s very convenient. Unfortunately, sometimes these essential details (wheels) become unusable. The replacement casters for office chairs have to be made immediately (sometimes even cleaning of dirt may become useful).

How to replace chair wheels?

In order to independently select rollers and perform office chair wheel replacement, it is recommended to consider design features of accessories, wheel material, and technical specifications. The replacement office chair caster wheels isn’t a hard process, so almost everyone can perform all the procedures and get the desired results. Let’s get acquainted with all of the steps and get information about how to replace caster wheels. By the way, the following pieces of advice are useful not only for those, who want to know how to replace office chair wheels but also for people, who are wondering how to replace caster wheels on dining room chairs.

How to Replace Caster Wheels Without Undue Laboring

Step 1

Office chair wheel replacement has to be started with removing chair wheels. This manipulation does not require tools, so it’s easy to identify the type and size of the wheel by removing only one wheel. Most of them usually have a grip ring stem, which is able to expand and compress, so it locks the stem into the socket. All you have to do is a firm pull. Don’t forget to put the chair on its side and get a chair wheel with the help of a towel, gloves, and hands. When the chair wheel replacement isn’t that easy and the caster is stuck, use the screwdriver.

Step 2

Don’t forget to verify caster type and size. Use the following picture and get the required information. Then it’s recommended to measure the stem size with the help of a tape measure or calipers.

Step 3

Find new replacement wheels. It’s important not only to know how to replace wheels on office chairs but also to make the right choice on the elements. It’s really essential to choose the better casters compared to the one that was in a package deal. The Stealtho Company can solve this problem as it offers decent units and helps replace casters with feet to improve the practicality of the furniture. The offered solution saves the hardwood floor, does not require the chair mat, is made of soft polyurethane, and can boast the free-rolling over cables. 

Step 4

Remove remaining wheels. Replacement caster wheels can’t be performed fractionally, so do the full service and renew the chair. Follow the recommendations from Step 1 and everything will be done seamlessly. 

Step 5

Install the new wheels. Desk chair replacement wheels can be performed by pushing the caster stem all the way to the chair base socket. The whole manipulation does not require special skills but only consideration and high attention. Replace office chair casters with feet and enjoy the renewal unit.

Sometimes you need to prepare the tools before removing the wheel from the office chair. There are situations when the chair has been in operation for quite a long time and the parts are deformed, bent, or worn out. Detaching the roller is a little more difficult. You can use the following tools to facilitate the work.

  • A screwdriver or a special plate. The wheel is hooked with a thin part of the tool and carefully detached. A screwdriver is also used to get the plugs into which the rollers are inserted. 
  • Pliers. When the rollers are released, a metal pin may get stuck in the cross. Pull it out with the help of pliers. 
  • Regular or rubber mallet.

How to Replace Caster Wheels Without Undue Laboring

Varieties of furniture wheels

It is possible to classify rollers or other furniture according to designs. Distinguish swivel wheels, which are easy to maneuver, even in a small room. They are mainly used for installation on pieces of furniture that move quite often (chairs, armchairs, coffee tables, and so on). 

Fixed rollers. The fittings are distinguished by a large margin of safety, capable of withstanding significant loads but less maneuverable. Fixed wheels for furniture are installed on sofas, wardrobes, chests of drawers, and other furniture that is rarely moved. Fittings with a fixed system can consist of a single or double roller, which allows you to increase the load level on one furniture wheel;

Rollers can be equipped with ball bearings, characterized by greater strength and durability and plain bearings. Constant lubrication with high-quality materials is required to increase the period of operation. Rollers for wardrobes, chairs, or other furniture can be additionally equipped with a stopper, which allows you to fix a certain position of the furniture. Wheels with a brake (stopper) are used for safety purposes when living together with small children or pets.

Manufacturing materials

Rotating swivel or non-swivel wheels can be made from materials such as:

  • Metal (steel, zinc, aluminum, cast iron, and so on). Metal wheels are durable and can withstand significant loads, but unpleasant sounds may occur during use.
  • Plastic. Plastic wheels are less durable but more comfortable to use. The fittings work smoothly, do not emit extraneous noise, and do not leave prints on the floor covering.
  • Thermoplastic rubber. Rollers made of this material are both durable and easy to use but they are very expensive.
  • Acrylic. The material is also expensive, and does not leave marks on the surface, but unlike rubber, it is not intended for heavy loads.


If they are heavily soiled, remove to the maximum all the accumulated debris. You can use scissors or a knife but you need to be very careful not to scratch the wheel itself. Once all the twisted debris is removed, you can additionally vacuum the wheels to remove all dust and fine hair as much as possible, and only then proceed to wash. It is enough to wash them in soapy water, rinse, and dry well. There is one very important point in this whole process: before sending the rollers to their place and assembling the entire structure as a whole, all parts must be dried very well. Otherwise, mold, fungus, and even rust can form from excess moisture.

Choose carefully the chair glides to replace casters and perform all the procedures in a good spirit. Stealtho Company will provide you with a decent product, so you don’t have to worry about high-quality wheels and check out the practical options in practice. Pick up chair glides to replace casters and improve the available chair.


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