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Attain Freedom From Illness With Lifestyle Coaching!

Have you ever accidentally stubbed your toe on the edge of some furniture in your house and writhed in pain, contemplating all the ways in which you could have avoided this agonizing experience? While nursing that bruised toe, we think about all the ways in which we could have been mindful or aware and how we could have prevented this mishap. We never realize what could have been unless it is too late. More than often, this is the case with health too. 

During the pandemic, people realized the importance of health and the need to build and maintain a strong immune system. As per the India Fit Report 2020, we saw that a majority of people followed different methods to build their immunity. Some of these methods included drinking lemon water, trying Kadhas, immunity supplements and Ayurveda among other home remedies. While there is nothing wrong with using nutrition to improve your health, are you taking the right quantities? Do you really need vitamin supplements? What kind of food does your body need if you have certain health conditions? How much exercise is good for you? Are you monitoring your sleep and managing your stress?

The Need For Health and Lifestyle Coaching 

If the above questions got you thinking, it’s time to connect with an expert and we’ve got a few reasons why that might be a good idea. 

  1. Modifications Based On Need: Is your goal to lose weight or gain weight? Do you want to strengthen your immunity? At this point, we’ve got to realize that one shoe doesn’t fit everyone. Each person is unique and requires a different approach to improve their health. This is where a lifestyle coach or an expert comes in and guides you based on what your health goal is. 
  2. Save Time On Scrolling: There’s nothing wrong about taking accountability of your health by trying to be your own coach but mindlessly scrolling on different websites trying to figure out the best way to improve your health can be a dicey affair. A coach interacts with you and guides you in real time and is aware of any pre-existing conditions and this can help you avoid eating the wrong food, performing a wrong exercise and helps you take better decisions for better health. 
  3. Making Sense Of Data: Using trackers and fitness bands help you monitor your health. They let you know your heart rate, step count, blood pressure and with devices like the VitalECG and the Smart Vital Ultra, you are able to track various parameters. But once you get that data, how do you make sense of it? You need someone to analyze your data, interpret it and find solutions to any existing problems. That someone is your Lifestyle Coach! 
  4. Improve Knowledge and Accountability: Don’t know how to deal with a persistent headache? Confused about mid-meals? How much portions should you be consuming? Which exercise can you perform to strengthen your back? A Coach can help you answer all these questions and more! Since you have a Personal Coach, you will be accountable to that person which means visible changes once you follow the modifications they suggest. 
  5. Setting Realistic Goals: The most important point! The number 1 reason most people fail to stick to their health goal is because they set unrealistic numbers. For instance, trying to lose 30kg in 2 months is not realistic and is definitely not healthy. A coach can help you understand why and how you can gradually lose weight and suggest the best practices for sustainable weight management. With correct and achievable goals as well as visible results, you’ll always be motivated!   

It’s always better to rely on a Coach and have the right guidance in order to avoid making mistakes with your health. It is always better to follow the right practices and stay at the peak of your health and free from illness! 

If you’re in need of a Coach to guide and motivate you, then subscribe to GOQii’s Personalized Health Coaching here. You can also find more articles on improving your health and lifestyle here.


https://goqii.com/blog/attain-freedom-from-illness-with-lifestyle-coaching/ Attain Freedom From Illness With Lifestyle Coaching!

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