How To Keep Your Pets Safe During Fireworks

Fireworks are used for all different occasions and events to light up the night sky. Some people prefer to buy fireworks online and opt-out of large displays with the hopes of creating something special themselves. However, there are some things to consider whether you know of an event nearby or are planning a get-together yourself. Lots of animals find fireworks scary and times like New Year’s Eve can betraumatising. However, there are ways you can still enjoy the colourful displays and keep your pets safe.

Keep Them Indoors

If your cute kitty loves to roam the streets at night, it’s best to keep them in when there’s a chance of fireworks. Similarly, if you have a rabbit or guinea pig hutch outside, it’s better to bring them indoors. Your pets will feel safest when with you and by keeping them beside you, they’re more likely to remain calm and content.

Plan Earlier Walks

Most dogs love walks, and their ears prick up before you even finish saying the word. Make plans to change their walk routine if there’s a chance of fireworks in the evening. Ideally, you want to make sure they’re back home before it gets dark, and you can be sure to miss the loud bangs that could terrify your dog.

Hiding Places

You probably already have a cosy, pet-friendly space for your animal, but when there’s going to be fireworks it’s a good idea to give them a proper hiding place. When startled most animals will want to retreat into a small space as it makes them feel secure. If you have smaller pets like hamsters, you could cover their cage with a blanket as this adds another layer of security for them.

Calming Noises

Try putting the TV on to mask the frightening sounds outside. Alternatively, you could play relaxing music. Both of these options are already familiar to your pet so they provide a sense of reassurance, which will ultimately help them relax.

Keep Things Closed

It may seem obvious, but make sure you keep your windows and curtains fully closed. When trying to protect your pet from the firework noise, you don’t want to be letting any extra sound in. Try not to open any doors that lead to outside as it only takes two seconds for them to dart out into the night in terror. When they’re scared, just like people, your pet may act irrationally. So even if your dog has never made a break for the front door, it doesn’t mean that one loud bang won’t scare them enough to try now.

There are methods you can try that might desensitize your pet, but really you want to give them the comfort and security they need when they’re at their most anxious. In the morning, you should always check your garden and the surrounding area for any firework debris that could cause them harm. Fireworks are a common occurrence later in the year, but if you follow these tips, you can keep your pet happy and most importantly, safe.


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