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Happy Farmers Day 2022: wishes, quotes, images and Kisang Diwa messages

Kisan Diwas or national farmer’s day This day honors Chaudhary Charan Singh, the fifth Prime Minister of India, who was born on this day. It was his 2001 and the Indian government decided to watch. December 23rd every year as Kisan Diwas.

Chaudhary Charan Singh, who was Prime Minister of India from July 1979 to January 1980, introduced many policies to improve the lives and conditions of the country’s farmers. He also played a leading role in the country’s agricultural sector by introducing bills for peasant reform.

Recently, the Indian government passed three farmer bills.

Kisan Diwas 18
  1. Farmers Generate Trade and Commerce (Facilitation and Facilitation) of the 2022 Bill.
  2. Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Price Guarantees and Farm Services) Bill 2022.
  3. Essential Commodities Amendment Bill 2022.

The first bill permits intrastate and interstate trade in barrier-free produce. Previously, produce was sold at notified wholesale markets or mandis operated by the 7000 Produce Marketing Board. Each APMC licensed intermediaries to buy from farmers at prices set by auctions before selling to institutional investors such as retailers and big traders.

The new system would allow farmers to cut out middlemen and sell directly to institutional investors, but is a subject of concern as it exposes them to companies with more bargaining power and resources than smaller marginal farmers. It is Previously, farmers were also not restricted from selling elsewhere. Removal of geographic restrictions is also a concern for farmers. That’s also worrisome because the state government APMC tax will be repealed by this law.

Kisan Diwas 19

A second bill would allow farmers to enter into agreements with agrifarms, but farmers fear this means the MSP will be removed and there will be no government. Price control.

Third, the Commodity Bill allows food hoarding, but farmers worry about it because unlimited stocks can lead to artificial price volatility and low post-harvest farmer prices. .

The law favors businesses and does not give farmers legal powers. This is also concerning as his 6% of farmers will sell their crops at his MSP price and the remaining farmers will sell out at his MSP low price.

Happy Kisan Diwas or Farmers Day wishes

Kisan Diwas message

“They put their hearts and souls into the soil, they give life, they feed us….let us appreciate their efforts and honor their efforts….Happy Farmers Day.”

“Kandhiwas is a reminder to all that we must respect, appreciate and appreciate the efforts of the farmers who work so hard to feed us.”

farmer’s day message

Happy Kisan Diwas poster

“Farmers are true heroes because their dedication and hard work turn barren land into food-producing land….Let’s honor them on Farmer’s Day.”

“Farmer’s Day is a reminder to appreciate and appreciate the unconditional dedication of every farmer in the country…..I wish you all the best on Farmer’s Day.”

Kisan Diwas Hindi Slogan

“Kush Naseeb Hain Ham Rog Jinhong Aise Desh Main Janam Liya Jahan Kisan Ka Darja Sabse Upal Hai.”

Happy Kisan Diwas Photos

“Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan!!! Desh ki mitti ko apne khoon pasene se jo seenche woh hai kisan!!!”

happy kisan diwas wallpaper

Kisan Diwas Message in Hindi

  • “Wo kisan ki mehnat hi hai jo ki ek banjar bhumi ko ek upjau bhumi mein tabdeel kar deti hai…. Salaam hai kisan ke jazbe ko…. Kisan Diwas ki hardik shubh kamnayein.”
Kisan Diwas poster
  • “Xan diwas humain ek mauka deta hai humare desh ke kisano ko humara avar vyakt karne ka aul anhein danyavad dene ka….xan diwas ki badayan”
Happy Kisan Diwas poster

Farmer’s Day / Kisan Diwas Slogan

Happy Kisan Diwas Poster

“The best way to respect a farmer is to respect him by not wasting his produce…. Happy Farmer’s Day.”

Kisan Diwas 16

“Farmers’ hard work is consistent in all weathers and seasons, which is why we put food on the table every day…. Happy Farmers Day.”

inspirational quotes for indian farmers

Happy Kisan Diwas Images

“Get inspired by Indian farmers who put their sweat and soul into their land and crops…. Happy Farmers Day.”

“Farmer’s Day is a reminder to take inspiration from India’s hardworking farmers who never give up on their crops and work hard to grow them.”

proud to be a farmer’s quote

Kisan Diwas 20

“If you are a farmer, you are truly blessed because you are doing the greatest job in the world … growing food for others.”

“I am so proud to be born in a country where farming is the soul….

Farmer’s day poster message

Farmers keep the country alive.

Happy Kisan Diwas Poster

No country can progress without farmers.

happy farmers day quotes

Kisan Diwas 19

“Let’s pay tribute to all the farmers working so hard to keep us from sleeping hungry. Happy Farmers Day.”

“The first and foremost thing we have to thank for the food on our table is the farmers. With all my heart on Farmer’s Day.”

Slogans about Indian farmers

Happy Kisan Diwas slogan
  • Our food is the product of farmers’ efforts.
  • An Indian farmer’s life is dedicated to his fields.
  • He was the first person to get up to take care of our food.
  • Not lazy and always dedicated, he is an Indian farmer.
  • Don’t waste your food on the sweat and blood of the farmer.
  • They never rest for us to enjoy good food and good taste.

slogans about farmers in hindi

Happy Kisan Diwas poster
  • Kisan ki saans uski fasal mein basti hai.
  • Suraj ke ugne se pehle jo jaagta hai wo humara kisaan hai.
  • Ek kisan ki bharpur mehnat ka natija hai humara bhojan.
  • Agar kisan na ho toh ham kya khayenge.

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