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Games Inbox: When will the PS5 price drop?

Don’t expect bargains on Cyber ​​Monday (Photo: Sony)

A reader has a theory about a PS5 live-service game, so Monday’s letter page hopes Nintendo will do more for Pokémon.

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maybe next year
As such, the price movement was minimal. Xbox Series X on black fridayThis makes sense since Microsoft’s console is in second place (well, third place) and generally has a bit more inventory than the PlayStation 5 this year. But my obvious question is when will we start seeing PlayStation 5 discounts.

Unless something suddenly happens on Cyber ​​Monday, black friday 2023, assuming stocks are even better by then? I would like to think so. I’m hoping we can postpone things until next Christmas for obvious reasons that we can’t afford (or justify) at the moment.

But I don’t know. It’s a very small price cut at best, and I suspect they’ll rely on hardware bundles to make it look more valuable. The worst times have come for the gaming industry. Or me.

First day prize
Did anyone think that the reason Sony is so keen on making so many live service games is not because they’re on the bandwagon, but because they see it as an alternative to Game Pass?

Assuming all of these live service games are free to play, I know they haven’t been confirmed yet, but I think it’s a given. There are tons of games. Free on PlayStation 5 from day one.

The problem with this is that it’s probably not the kind of game that people want to buy the console for (who knows at this point!), Sony won’t put out all 10’s for a few years but I Maybe that was their logic and it actually seems pretty reasonable to me. That means all eyes will be on The Last Of Us multiplayer game. Let’s hope there aren’t too many microtransactions…
angel eyes

GC: Very interesting idea.

I can’t go back
Well… Black Friday 2022 was terrible. I didn’t see anything that made me want to give up my money. Gotham Knights and Saints Row? I agree. I’ll wait a few more months until they pay me to let go of their hands.

I think it’s been an interesting year, and while anything as good as Elden Ring doesn’t need to be discounted, it’s still strange to see Black Friday being bought without software or hardware bargains. The pandemic has been huge for the gaming industry. It was good at first, but then it became a big problem. When will it get back to normal? Probably not, and I can’t think of it in the same way.

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some people like
I just beat God of War Ragnarok and I think it’s good, but not as good as the original. There was nothing wrong with that, but I thought there were too many areas that were too similar to both each other and the original game. How many worlds do you need?

Stories were a problem for me too. Because it felt very meandering a lot of the time without being clear on what the big picture was. We always knew what our next objective was, but the whole plot basically boils down to “I think we should do something about Odin.”

The ending was good, but again not as good as the original and didn’t feel a bit climactic. 8/10 review for GC As far as I’m concerned it was spot on.

last choice
Let’s take a quick look at Steven’s co-play conundrum. If your choice of co-op game is Portal 2 or Wolfenstein Youngblood, it’s not really a choice.

Get Portal 2. This is gaming heaven and one of the few games I’ve ever played.

When Wolfenstein Youngblood was first released, I got it for free with my graphics card. On PC, I described it as clean but boring. As a result it remains unfinished by me.

Co-op also always has the old followers of Overcooked 1 and 2. At least on PC, you can do either couch co-op or online co-op.

Hope it helps!
the man complies

GC: I know you’re a little harsh on Youngblood, but I agree to play the other games first.

It’s true that there’s been a lot of technical talk lately, and as a Switch gamer, I feel that way. I haven’t gotten my hands on any Pokemon yet (the best thing to catch them all on the Switch anyway is Shin Megami Tensei 5, which is technically already questionable), so I’ll comment on how much the performance shortcomings affect the experience. You can’t. But judging by Digital Foundry and other online discourse, it doesn’t look good. Some screenshots are hilarious.

After playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3, it doesn’t make much sense for Nintendo to put out something that looks and runs like a Pokémon. But they’re technically inconsistent with the studio. Nintendo merged its handheld and home console divisions years before the release of the Switch and is still struggling, with Fire Emblem being one game that seems to be a generation behind Zelda and Mario.

Nintendo has always seemed like an outdated company, and for better or worse has relied too heavily on individual geniuses (they’re not getting younger) to get their projects done. Very Japanese you can say. This is in contrast to Capcom, who can consistently beat out impressive and technically perfected games with multiple studios’ built-in RE Engines. Monster Hunter Rise contains perhaps the most technically impressive game on Switch.

Why wouldn’t Nintendo, a much wealthier company, do that? Monolith Soft, with their work on Xenoblade Chronicles and more recently Zeldas, seems perfectly positioned to provide these tools. With any luck, this is the plan for game development on Switch 2.

Unfortunately, outside of Pokémon discourse, Switch suffered a barnstorm late this year. Splatoon and Xenoblade sequels look and play great, and ports of classics like NieR:Automata, Tunic, and Persona 5 are more than the system can handle. Bayonetta 3 is still on the backlog. We have too much in stock and we won’t be able to get our hands on next year’s Zelda until Christmas.

GC: Technically, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company aren’t Nintendo-specific, but you’re still right and this shouldn’t happen. Fire Emblem, another game that was given an unfair free pass to its graphics, also somehow missed by Scarlet/Violet, is largely third-party.

Escape from Battle Royale
I’m not a Call of Duty fan, but I have to say I love DMZ. The AI ​​is tough and well-scripted, the areas are large and interesting, the tension is mixed with human opponents, and the limited amount of time to extract makes it reluctant.

As a free game, it’s pretty good. If you like co-op shooters and games like Escape From Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown, this is the best game I’ve played recently.
Matt (He_who_runs_away – PSN ID)

postcard answer
I’m from the US and I also agree that crossplay is ruining the gaming experience. At this point, I truly believe that games involving PCs are becoming boring due to cheats, hacks, etc.

I own an Xbox and a PlayStation myself, so I can play with my friends on either device. My friends on both devices understand (at least my friends do) that I have other friends who want to play or want me to play with them. .

No crossplay required at all. Sorry if people complain about it. Buy a PC, learn Xbox and PlayStation, buy and own 3 different gaming devices, play with a friend who may have the same device, or create a new online friend of his I can do it.

Sony and Microsoft, I hope you see this message and I hope you understand why cross-play is bad for the health of your community and player base. Take crossplay out of all games and make people cry.

“PCs are too expensive” is no longer an excuse. Because PCs are better than consoles.

One last thing to mention. Because these people make excuses and are jealous in their own way. No need for crossplay, not 1 bit.
gamers on all devices

GC: we are so confused.

Run Inbox too
These days, buying a console that just launched is like entering an unfilled pool of water. Wait years for all the best games to come out.

GC: Good thing I might steal it.

To warn anyone who may have an account out there there has apparently been a massive data breach at GameStop. The time has come.

hot topic of the week
Next week’s Game Awards has become the largest single venue for new game announcements and upcoming game footage, especially since there’s no E3.

It doesn’t matter if the game has already been announced or not, as long as there’s a good chance it will be announced next week (I would say GTA 6 is very unlikely, but who knows? before you write about it, but who knows).

For a game with little to no footage of what was announced, what do you expect in terms of what the first trailer and the game itself will look like? What games are you looking forward to?

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