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Influential Anniversary Quotes to Make a Statement

Remembrance Day, or Poppy Day as we all know it, is celebrated annually on November 11th. Those who gave their lives for the honor and freedom of their people and country will live forever in our hearts. This sacrifice is so great that nothing compares to its nobility.

brief history

Memorial Day was originally known as Armistice Day. First inaugurated by King George V in 1919, it is celebrated on the second Monday in November. However, the Canadian parliament has officially passed a bill making the first Monday of the week of November 11 the observance of the fallen people’s ritual. As this collided with the celebration of Thanksgiving, most Canadians quietly observed Armistice Day.

By 1928, some recognized veterans and people were seeking further recognition. They insisted that this day be cut off from the celebration of Thanksgiving so that they could properly remember their deceased brothers and sisters. Their efforts proved fruitful in 1931 when the federal government moved Thanksgiving to another date and marked November 11 as the official memorial day. Today, November 11th, 11 am is marked as the day that marks the end of the war between Germany and the Commonwealth. The war ended at 11 am on November 11, 1918 after more than four years of fighting on the Western Front. 118,000 Canadians lost their lives in the war.

poppy day

The poppy is the most famous symbol of Remembrance Day. One of the reasons is that flowers bloomed in the land of war. I grew up in a place where soldiers risked their lives to defend their honor. Poppies were also very common on the Western Front.

Today, poppies are worn throughout Remembrance Day, and some are worn after the day to show respect. People perform ceremonies at war memorials, schools, or other public places. They also offer his two-minute silence for their fallen brothers and sisters while singing the song. last post Play in background.

memorial day quotes

On this Respect for the Aged Day, I am filled with gratitude.The Canadian Army’s Sacrifice and Service Made Our Way of Life Possible

Former Calgary Mayor Naheed Nensi

We often take for granted what we deserve the most gratitude

Cynthia Ozik

It has been said that “time heals all wounds”. I disagree. scars remain.In time, the spirit will protect its sanity and cover them with scar tissue, making the pain less.

rose fitzgerald kennedy

In the fields of Flanders the poppies blow, Line by line between the crosses That shows us where we are, In the sky the skylark still sings bravely, And I can hardly hear the gunshots below. rice field

John McRae

Tributes are a reminder that our country has been through even more difficult times.Whether at war or in peace support operations, Canadian veterans and fallen alike can take comfort in our memory.

Larry Murray, Grand President of the Royal Canadian Legion

Glorifying the lost cherishes the memories

William Shakespeare

People live hoping to become memories

Antonio Porchia

The world is supported by four things: the wise man’s learning, the great man’s righteousness, the good man’s prayer, and the brave man’s courage.

Elijah Muhammad

Let us never forget the solemn truth that no nation lives alone

Sir Robert Borden, 8th Prime Minister of Canada

A hero’s legacy is the remembrance of a great name and the inheritance of a great example

Benjamin Disraeli

I think it’s all about love.The more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it becomes

Vladimir Nabokov

We lived, we felt the dawn, we saw the sunset, we were loved, we were loved, and now we lie in the fields of Flanders

John McRae

I invite all Canadians to observe a two-minute silence and solemnly remember all those who fought for our country.We owe them immeasurable thanks for helping build Canada. [a] prosperity [and] free country

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

remembrance quotes

All the freedom we have All we use or know This is what our father bought for us long ago

Rudyard Kipling

Living in the hearts we leave behind is not dying

Thomas Campbell

Lord, stop the trumpets of war.Peacefully fold the whole earth

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Patriotism is not about dying for your country, but about living for your country.Perhaps it’s not so romantic, but better

Agnes MacPhail, first woman elected to Congress

remembrance quotes

Age does not wear them out and years do not condemn them

Lawrence Binion

Quietly, one by one, in the endless grasslands of heaven, the lovely stars bloomed The forgotten grass of the angels

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Evangeline: The Story of the Academy

At the beginning of change, the patriot is a tenuous man, brave, hated and despised. When his cause succeeds, cowards join him.he costs nothing to be a patriot

Mark Twain

Memorial Day is a day when the nation observes a two-minute silence to honor those who lost their lives and the veterans who fought for our freedom.

Douglas Phillips, Canadian writer

But the freedom they fought for and the magnificent country they built are their monuments today.

thomas dun english

When we think about the past, it’s the beautiful things we choose.

Margaret Atwood “The Handmaid’s Tale”

The sights around the field are terrible.i hope i never witness something like that again

Harry Chalmers, Canadian soldier who fought in World War I

remembrance quotes

Don’t you know that a man is not dead as long as his name is still spoken?

Terry Pratchett

It was like living in a cemetery.But I thought this was an obligation someone had to do, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Mary Leiter Hamilton, Canadian battle painter, one of the only women to play the role during World War I

Because a song instantly takes you back to a certain moment, a certain place, or a certain person. No matter what you or the world changes, that song will never change, just like that moment.

Sarah Dessen

Our hopes are high. Our trust in people is great. Our courage is strong;And our dreams for this beautiful country will never die

Pierre Trudeau

It takes a lot of effort to free yourself from memories

Paulo Coelho, Aleph

On Remembrance Day, veterans commemorate the sacrifices they made in serving their country in war

Jagmeet Singh

Daughter, there is no death.People die only when they forget

Isabel Allende, Eva Luna

remembrance quotes

Our nation honors those who have served, both past and present, in times of war, military conflict and peace.

Lawrence Macaulay

The evil that man does lives after them.good things are often buried in their bones

William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Wearing a poppy reminds me of everyone affected by war, across races, genders, ideologies and borders.Worn in the hope that war will be a thing of the past

Dave Stewart

Living people have a duty to tell their stories for those who can no longer speak

Cesław Miłosz, Issa Valley

They will not grow old as we who are left behind will grow old. Age does not wear them out, and years do not condemn them.We will remember them when the sun sets and in the morning

Lawrence Binion

you are remembered for breaking the rules

Douglas MacArthur

A hero is someone who gives their life to something bigger than themselves

Joseph Campbell

remembrance quotes

Beauty is not in what you see or remember, but in what you feel and never forget

Jonathan Jenna

When expressing gratitude, never forget that the highest gratitude is not to speak, but to live by it.

John F. Kennedy

How to participate in the Memorial Act

By participating in the act of remembrance, we honor and honor the members of the Canadian family who have served in the RCMP and the Canadian Armed Forces to defend our liberty and honor. This act also pays tribute to those who still actively serve to preserve the integrity of our homeland.

There are many ways to participate in the memorial service.

  • Watch the National Ceremony
  • keep silence for 2 minutes
  • wear poppies
  • Find a local ceremony to attend.

wrap up

There is no victory or defeat in war, only death. The death of innocent people and those who gained nothing from it. Let us pledge today to do our part to avoid conflicts that could lead to war and to maintain an atmosphere of peace around the world. Because we are all connected. Humans are one through feelings, emotions and above all humanity.

Germany also has a day to remember those who died in war, but it is not a day to commemorate the signing of the Armistice.

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