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Game Inbox: Expected PlayStation 6 Release Date, The Last of Us vs. Halo TV, PSVR2 Excitement

Does Sony still believe in generations? (Photo: Sony)

A page in Wednesday’s letter wonders if Nintendo will make a Mario movie tie-in game as one reader dreams of Advance Wars.

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another generation
Rumor has it that Sony is working on PlayStation 6 It may not come as a surprise by normal standards, but I find it interesting that apparently Sony thinks there will definitely be a next-gen and something similar to the usual. , seems to have been postponed to another generation, perhaps into the 2030s.

Sony may be just hedging a bet, or even if they aren’t, they could change plans if broadband speeds and reliability suddenly improve, but the console is still here for a long time I think there is.

As for the question of when the PlayStation 6 will be released, I’d say the usual 5 years will take another 2 years due to the pandemic.So somewhere around 2027. I think it will be a year or two before that if Sony feels that the PS5 Pro isn’t working and needs an upgrade. I feel like I’m

tv battle
I’m very curious to see what Microsoft has to show at tonight’s Xbox Showcase. New Tango Gameworks game It probably meant a big surprise. With rumors starting to show that work has already begun on the PlayStation 6, we suspect that Microsoft may have started next-gen plans as well.

Will Microsoft be last again with this current generation of consoles? It probably depends on Nintendo’s next console but it seems like a strong possibility. It’s hard to imagine that, but when Sony’s first party line-up looks so impregnable, it’s also hard to imagine they’ll win am.

I can’t help but think about the differences between The Last Of Us and Halo TV shows. One has been a smash hit worldwide and the other has had minor successes with a service that is almost non-existent outside the United States. In a nutshell, it kind of sums up the PlayStation vs. Xbox battle.

Endless story
I think everyone was pissed about last year’s deal with Activision Blizzard, but now it’s all so ridiculous that it’s actually pretty funny.Now Microsoft wants to sue Sony. increase Revealing the game line-up How to “prove” that the Xbox is not a threat?

I’ve heard it all by now, but I’m sure something even more outrageous will happen tomorrow. I can only assume that the person who proposed the acquisition in the first place is cleaning the toilets at Xbox HQ. Unless it’s Phil Spencer, in which case I think the question is being asked.

A waste of time, money and good intentions. Especially since before Microsoft decided to lay off 10,000 of his people for no reason, people were predicting job cuts.

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launch excitement
I’m pessimistic about PlayStation VR 2 – no doubt the timing of its launch is disappointing – but I’m still excited about it and have no plans to cancel pre-orders. Only Horizon VR is available, but I think that’s enough to get a feel for the hardware. Plus, we’re sure you’ll get some cheaper titles too, with free updates for Gran Turismo 7 and Resident Evil Village.

As others have tried to say, the headset is actually very good value given the fact that it comes with the tech inside and excellent quality controls.The PlayStation Move controller was terrible So having the right new controller would be a real game changer.

It costs a lot of money, but like I try to support indie games, I want to support anything that is trying to do something a little different. I don’t know why Sony is so focused on VR, but I at least appreciate it, especially compared to Microsoft’s wait-and-see approach.

asymmetric control
I don’t understand why Sony didn’t go with the asymmetric design for the Edge controller. Sony’s design team actually incorporated asymmetric analog sticks into the Backbone One mobile controller. found here.

There was a short interview and chat about this product on a podcast called Gamertag Radio, but I can’t remember the episode number now.
Chaosphere 616

GC: Backbone One is a licensed product and not made by Sony itself.

game movie game
So what exactly do you expect Nintendo to do for a Mario movie when it comes to partnerships? The Last Of Us Part 1 is probably the only example I can think of, but it really had nothing to do with the show.

Rumors about a new DLC for Super Mario Odyssey sounded compelling, but it could be more than that. The pandemic may have stopped it, but I’m kind of surprised that 2D Mario isn’t out as a way to tie in with the movies and kick off his 2D titles in the new series.

And what about taking advantage of that Donkey Kong redesign? Was that the idea behind the rumored 3D game? doesn’t even mind a new standalone Princess Peach game.

I realize we’re back in anticipating Nintendo territory, but this could get really messy. I would be surprised and disappointed if they didn’t do anything. prize.

Three-headed money not included
We’re happy to announce that you can pre-order the physical version of Return To Monkey Island on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch. limited run game Until March 5th. The game is region free.

I played the original game on my Amiga and later on my Xbox 360 and Xbox One, so I was going to get a boxed copy of the PlayStation 5. There will be special editions for all the consoles mentioned, as well as special editions just for the games.
Andrew J.
PS: Looking forward to the Xbox Showcase later!

rise of the machine
I totally agree with Onibee on the technical expectations of Switch 2. But I think the key element of the Switch 2 will be support for Nvidia’s DLSS (AI-powered graphics for improved performance). PC gamers are familiar with this technology and can use lower resolution images to greatly improve image quality while saving performance. AMD has similar technology, but lags behind its rivals in development.

Nintendo’s partnership with Nvidia almost guarantees it will be a feature of the Switch 2, and a way to compensate for the smaller specs. Thankfully, tech professionals are back to evaluating results, not numbers.

It’s an aspect that could impact future console designs once AI technology is able to achieve results equal to or better than native resolution, with significant performance savings. FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) was introduced on current generation consoles and is available in several titles. The Xbox Series S stands to benefit the most.

Run Inbox too
Are we not yet at the stage where both Sonic Adventure games are admitted to be terrible? It looked terrible in 2000, and more than 20 years later, I can’t believe anyone is pretending otherwise.

What I’d like to see from Fire Emblem is some sort of modern spin-off, less silly and more strategic, featuring tanks, planes, etc. Surely that’s a dead cert, right? oh.
mad star

hot topic of the week
This weekend’s Inbox theme was suggested by reader Paulie, who asked which one was more important to you. Graphics and gameplay?

Even if you consider both to be important, is there a minimum requirement for one or the other? If so, does it matter how bad the gameplay is before the problem occurs?

What’s the best example of a game that excels in some areas but not others? Was it still appreciable? Or does it have to be a balance of all features?

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