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7 things a beginner should do with Mabinogi

Mabinogi has its charm, but it’s a hard game to get into, even though it’s focused on story, progression, and socializing. Online role-playing games are filled with lots of text and numbers, as evidenced by the first tutorial, and all this information is very difficult to make sense of. Still, with plenty of rich and original content, this game is definitely worth playing.

So if you’re a new player, we’ve put together 7 important things to do in Mabinogi right away.

7 Important Tips to Follow When Starting Mabinogi

After pouring hours into Mabinogi and meeting other new players through Mabinogi’s social circles, I noticed that many new players struggled to grasp the game. However, as long as you follow these 7 tips, I think you’ll quickly get the hang of the game and enjoy its unique gameplay.

1. Clear all tutorial quests

It’s imperative that you take the game’s tutorial quests very seriously. Because these quests give you all the basic knowledge you need to start playing the game. We start with Lorna’s interaction with her pet Pan. It teaches you how to access and check quest information, open character specs, turn the minimap on and off, manage your inventory, equip items, and use potions.

Afterwards, we meet Ting, who teaches us the basics of close-quarters combat, where we have to observe the movements of our enemies and counter them, and how it’s inspired by rock-paper-scissors. Learn how to use the smash technique (along with counters) and how to use the crowd control move known as Windmill. Please follow these tutorials as they provide more important information.

2. Don’t stick to one class

You can learn all the different combat classes Mabinogi offers in no time, but don’t feel limited to following just one. Unlike his latest MMORPG, in Mabinogi skills aren’t limited to combat classes. You can study skill trees for multiple classes if you want. Another reason why you should unlock skills for different classes is that skills increase your character’s stats.

However, when it comes to what to choose as your first class, Mabinogi allows you to try all of them during the tutorial quest. Provided. Still, if you’re looking for metapics, the Chainblade class is a viable option for beginners as it offers both AOE and single-target precision attacks.

3. Exploration pays off

As in most MMORPGs, Mabinogi’s vast world can be freely explored. Erinn is full of towns, dungeons and secret locations. These locations benefit the player with new sources of EXP, whether it be quests to complete or enemies defeated. Additionally, Mabinogi generously provides curious explorers with items and resources that offer great value as upgrade materials and merchandise.

Remember that exploration takes you to new places. There you will not only meet new NPCs, but also other online players. You can befriend these players, form a party, and join a guild!

4. Reincarnate very often

Level progression is easy to pull off in Mabinogi, but not for the reason you think. This is where Mabinogi’s aging and regeneration/reset mechanisms come into play.

Characters age once a week and gain AP (Ability Points). AP (Ability Points) are valuable points that are usually awarded for each level up. AP is used to learn new skills, but AP acquisition stops once you reach level 1000. So, ideally if you finish a class and want to master another class, you always have to reincarnate to reset your level.

5. Do Your Generation Quests

Amid all this, don’t forget to enjoy Mabinogi’s well-crafted storyline. This is probably one of the most important selling points (despite being free to play). Generation quests not only help NPCs and learn their backgrounds, but also tackle the overarching plot, giving players greater skills and unobtainable items.

These rewards include special skills such as the Paladin Transformation Skill and the Demigod Technique. Generation Quests can be accessed by clicking the book icon in the bottom navigation bar.

6. Learn Marketing

In MMORPGs, it’s common not to own all the items in the game. Each item can be obtained in a designed way and many are consumables. Therefore, Nexon’s developers were confident of making it easier for players by encouraging marketing and trading with their respective mechanics.

Players can set up shops to asynchronously sell items to other players in exchange for gold to get what they need for upgrades. So it’s important to know how these game systems work and what items are needed to get what you want. The faster you master these systems, the faster you progress through the game.

7. Rely on the wiki

Mabinogi is a massive game filled with items, quests, locations and mechanics, all of which cannot be covered in one guide. Therefore, it is important to always refer back to our his website for information in order to learn the game and make well-informed decisions at every step.

final thoughts

Overall, Mabinogi is a massive MMORPG that offers hours of intimidating yet rich and original content. Many new players are disappointed by Mabinogi’s relatively outdated appearance and his overly informative UI. But with these seven tips, you should be able to get off on the right foot and truly appreciate this long-running experience. Either that or he can pick up a Nexon game card formerly known as Karma Koin from OffGamers. here to get a head start. 7 things a beginner should do with Mabinogi

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