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Fasting and Building Immunity During Navratri

The very word Navratri conjures up happy dance, music and fasting. Fasting during Navratri is a traditional practice that reignites the stomach fire to rid the body of toxins. An irregular diet weakens the digestive system. This reduces immunity. Fasting is a cleansing therapy that reboots the immune system by regenerating immune cells. Sharad Navratri falls in September-October when there is a seasonal change that leads to lower immunity, making our bodies more susceptible to infections and diseases. Food is easy on the digestive system.

How To Boost Immunity By Fasting During Navratri

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way festivals are celebrated, placing more emphasis on immunity. While you may be questioning whether fasting is safe for your immune system, we encourage you to proceed with your fasting by following the tips suggested below.

  1. Avoid prolonged starvation. It weakens your immune system and makes you more susceptible to infections. Eat fruits, dried fruits and nuts regularly.
  2. You want to ease your digestive system by fasting, so choose light foods instead of fried foods.
  3. Drinking coconut water or nimbu pani in the morning will keep your body well hydrated. Buttermilk is also a great option. Have fruits and vegetables soaked in water to level up your water intake. Avoid fizzy and carbonated drinks.
  4. Choose your food wisely as few options are available during Navratri. Opt for cottage cheese and makana instead of chips and fries.
  5. Many people limit their salt intake while fasting, so don’t take too much sugar. Replace sugar with jaggery or honey.
  6. Eat at least 3-4 servings of fruit during Navratri as they are rich in fiber.

We hope these tips on fasting and building immunity during Navratri help you celebrate to the fullest! Leave your thoughts in the comments below.Learn more about Navratri here sane reading Or contact a GOQii coach by signing up for personalized health coaching here.

#BeTheForce Fasting and Building Immunity During Navratri

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