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Celebrating SEGA’s 63rd Anniversary – and many more to come

Sometimes age is just a number. It can also be a reminder of the different emotions that age has experienced in life.

This year is SEGA’s 63rd anniversary.
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Over the years, SEGA has provided us with countless beloved (and hated) characters.

As a company, SEGA has experienced its ups and downs. Like many before and after. Despite everything, they have continued to give life to many of the series we hold dear.

Perhaps the best known IPs are: sonic The Hedgehog will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2021.

Other IPs we’ve grown to love over the years include:

What does the future hold for Sega?
only time will tell. Sure, we know they plan to release more games.

We hope to hear news about upcoming titles such as Sonic Origins Plus, Like a Dragon Gaiden, and Endless Dragon.

Until then, we just have to be patient.

– – –
Happy belated birthday, Sega!

With this, I would like to toast to further development in the future. Celebrating SEGA’s 63rd Anniversary – and many more to come

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