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Switch 2 will be the next Wii U unless Nintendo changes its ways

Will Switch 2 be a successful successor? (Photo: Nintendo)

one reader points out Nintendo No two consoles have been big hits two generations in a row, but that bodes badly for Switch 2.

Nintendo is famous for many things, but most of all they appreciate the quality of their sequels.on the other hand Sonic the hedgehogand other long-running series have gone downhill after only a few years, but most Nintendo franchises have been at the top of their game for decades, and many of them have never been better than they are now. switch. But will there be a console sequel? That’s another story.

The NES may be the most important console ever made and the cornerstone of the modern gaming industry, but its successor was the SNES, which for many of the 16-bit generation lost out to the Mega Drive. Technically, Nintendo came out on top thanks to Donkey Kong Country, but then came his N64, falling short of its predecessor and his PlayStation.

The GameCube’s performance deteriorated again, so Nintendo rethought its approach and launched the Wii, to great success. And what about the sequel? The Wii U was a complete disaster. Nintendo has never been the unbeatable winner of two home consoles of the same generation in a row. switch 2.

Each console, especially older consoles, has different reasons for failure, or relative failure reasons, but the Wii U seems to be the most relevant here. The Wii was Nintendo’s biggest console before the arrival of the Switch and was a massive, global success. . But the follow-up was so poor, it’s literally unbelievable how badly Nintendo fumbled the ball.

Wii U felt like something Sega It was supposed to be released after the Dreamcast, not in terms of physical design, but due to the fact that it was underpowered, released very few games, and had zero marketing. Suddenly, Nintendo went from being Japan’s third-largest company to acting like a ill-fated start-up that’s run out of money.

I don’t think anyone knows why they did that, but I can only assume they knew it wasn’t a starter and didn’t feel like canceling it. But maybe that’s because they also knew that the Wii was so huge that it wasn’t clear what they could do next. Especially since we still had the constraint that we had to offer it to the mass market as cheaply as possible.

Given the current situation post-pandemic, this will certainly be a problem for the Switch 2 as people have no money and the components are very expensive. That’s why Microsoft and Sony are raising their prices. It may not be possible to make a more powerful yet less expensive Switch 2, which could lead to a very similar situation with the Wii U.

The state of the game, obviously, I don’t know, but keep in mind that Nintendo has been hit especially hard by the pandemic because of the way it works. Also, when it comes to big new games, we may not have as many reserves as some people do. idea.

It also has the problem of nowhere clear to go with the Switch’s design in terms of form factor, and I think that’s bothering Nintendo. That means they’re more likely to do crazy things with it, and the odds of success are always 50/50. Miyamoto has already hinted that the new console will be new and strange, which should come as no surprise.

My point is that the Switch 2 isn’t a guaranteed hit and has some major conceptual and practical issues before it even starts. If Nintendo can make this game as big a hit as its predecessor, it will be a first for them, and it speaks for itself. Now for the official announcement!

By Reader Gannett

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