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Call Of Duty has become too silly and unrealistic – Reader’s Feature

Has Call Of Duty got too silly? (Picture: Call Of Duty Wiki)

A reader argues that Call Of Duty has strayed too far from its historical roots and needs to dial back the cameos and turn up the realism.

My name is Alan and I’m 58 years old and a recently retired Help Desk Manager, I have been a long, long time gamer and would like to offer you my point of view on Call Of Duty.

I have played Call Of Duty since forever, since the beginning with Call Of Duty 1. I loved Call Of Duty 2 and United Offensive, with their Base Assault game type which was fun; my heart would beat so fast while protecting the bomb.

I did skip a few versions when they became dumb, running on walls and able to jump 50 feet in the air turned me off. Same thing with Grand Theft Auto, when they brought in flying cars and motorcycles they lost me.

I’ve always enjoyed WW2 but Vanguard was a bit of a letdown, with Black Ops Cold War something was off with the mechanics, it seemed unpolished and rushed to me.

Anyways, I’ve actually been enjoying the latest Modern Warfare games but shake my head when I see them introducing silly stuff like My Little Pony guns; even worse the skins for rabbit, rat, cat, wolf, and now The Boys. I like realism. They could have had the rabbit outfit free to those wishing to use it during Easter but remove it after, same as for Christmas stuff.

I’ve always played the story mode and have enjoyed it, they’ve done a good job and I always jump into multiplayer, I like the hardcore Team Deathmatch the most, as it’s more realistic as you don’t need to shoot the person 25 times to die. I also like the Ground War and Invasion game types because of the larger maps and more people.

I was a Battlefield gamer also, but their last few games were a letdown. I believe Call Of Duty have a golden opportunity with winning over Battlefield players if they were to put more time and effort into Ground War and Invasion gaming types.

If they were to even introduce a new type of Warzone to be two-sided, two big teams, it would be amazing; the size of the map, the amount of players, it would be a blast.

All in all, I truly believe gamers are tired of the silliness that they introduce into the game, and want to know that the developers are focusing on fixing and improving the game. They should offer some good stuff for free on occasion, not just stickers or calling cards. I acknowledge that they are trying to make more money, but nickel and diming gamers is a turn off.

If they regain focus on realism and even offer more history, I believe they will keep their existing fanbase and bring back lost players.

Thank you.

By reader Alan, aka DarkPassenger (YouTube/Twitch)

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https://metro.co.uk/2023/07/30/call-of-duty-has-become-too-silly-and-unrealistic-readers-feature-19213396/ Call Of Duty has become too silly and unrealistic – Reader’s Feature

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