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A new ‘American Pie’ movie is in the works

Just when you thought you last heard american pie, a new movie was announced. Actor/director Sujata Dey is developing a new film in the franchise. That said, we know the film will be based on Day’s original pitch, and we’re committed to providing a fresh take on the series.

I’m not exactly sure what that “fresh take” looks like.All we can really do is look at some of her previous work. She starred in a web series called Awkward black girl misfortunewho played Sarah in the TV series UnsafeIn 2020, he made his directorial debut with the same work. please definea film about a Spelling Bee Champion and her estranged brother.

it would be strange to see american pie It’s a film that takes the drama angle seriously, but it’s not entirely impossible. Even if it’s not the “fresh take” I mentioned earlier, it might be an interesting angle.of american pie Franchises are strange things. It feels like a relic of the time it was made.Of course you had movies like animal house When Otaku’s Revengewhich eventually morphed into something like american pie.

The problem is that it’s 2022. Much of the content of these films was questionable back then, and is definitely questionable now. american pie It’s not as terrible as some of the previous films, so perhaps that’s why it doesn’t do a ton of blunders. We’ll have to wait until production goes a little further.

90s movies that could never have been made today

These movies include some of the biggest of the decade and some even won Academy Awards. But all of them would be a pain to create today. A new ‘American Pie’ movie is in the works

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