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Sega considering reboot and remake “in parallel with new work”

Sega, the makers of Sonic the Hedgehog, plans to remake and reboot more classic Sonic titles.

Yukio Sugino, president and COO of Sega, revealed in a new interview. famitsuthe developer has admitted that it is also considering rebooting and remaking older works of Sega’s “flagship IP” “in parallel” with new projects.

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According to Google Translate and my rusty GCSE Japanese, “Of course we have to do something new, but not all IPs are the same with new releases and reboots,” Sugino said.

“For each IP, pick which method is right now and say, ‘This is the best method for this IP.

“Sonic is Sega’s flagship IP and we are considering reboots and remakes alongside new titles,” he added.

SEGA recently One of the largest franchises of blockchain platform Game Dosi.

Game Dosi, operated by South Korean mobile messaging company Line Next, is designed to host Web3 and NFT games and currently has a memorandum of understanding with Sega. It’s not clear which of Sega’s major franchises will be used, but the memorandum notes that it is a “very popular” brand in the Sonic publisher’s portfolio.

Earlier this week, Sega of America employees formally voted to form a unionwas formed under the name Allied Employees Guild Improving Sega (AEGIS-CWA) after announcing plans to do so earlier this year.

https://www.eurogamer.net/sega-is-considering-reboots-and-remakes-in-parallel-with-new-titles Sega considering reboot and remake “in parallel with new work”

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