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Brendan Fraser reacts to ‘Batgirl’ cancellation

If you’re disappointed that you couldn’t meet HBO Maxof bat girl Imagine how the people involved in the film feel after the film was canceled during post-production by Warner Bros. Discovery. It’s like the whole thing never happened.

one such actor Brendan Fraser(I’ll guess three what his powers are. Not counting the first two. That’s right. He’s a winged pyromaniac.) Job After a rough few years in both his and personal life, Fraser will be returning in 2022, thanks to his work in films like Martin Scorsese. kagetsu killer and Darren Aronofsky whale,Recently Premiered to critical acclaim At the Venice Film Festival.And of course he was going to be the villain in this one bat girl The movie also made him a household name — at least until it was shelved for good.

So how does Fraser make that decision? variety He is “disappointed” that the film never saw the light of day. he added:

Fans really wanted to see this movie made. The film was shot and conceived for the smaller screen. In this era of slipping between his streaming service and theatrical release, he ended up being the canary in the coal mine. What did you learn from this?Work with trusted filmmakers like Darren [Aronofsky].

It still seems incredible that Warner Bros. could spend anywhere from $75 million to nearly $100 million on a movie and let it sit on the shelf forever.But at this point, there doesn’t seem to be much hope that we’ll ever see Batgirl. Hopefully, Brendan Fraser’s career resurgence doesn’t slow down as a result. It’s great that he’s back.

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