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Kevin Smith explains why ‘Dogma’ won’t stream

Kevin SmithHis career was made not only in the Central New Jersey video store where he worked before he directed, but actually in the video store. Clerk. That was where audiences found his cult comedy. Marat, chasing amyWhen dogma.

Of course, you can’t find anything anymore because it’s basically non-existent in video stores. But nearly all of Smith’s movies are now available for rent, purchase, and streaming exclude dogma, mysteriously out of circulation for many years. After several DVD and Blu-ray releases, they are no longer available for purchase or rental. You can’t have it — at least not legally.

Why Smith Talked About Movie Rights wrap being held “hostage” by the original producer, Harvey Weinstein. The problem lies in the fact that Disney didn’t want to release the film through Weinstein’s Miramax films because they were worried that the satire of organized religion would garner controversy and outcry (ultimately they didn’t). So the movie was released by Lionsgate instead. However, after the release of the first home video, the rights reverted to Weinstein himself, not Disney, who has retained ownership over the years. (Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence after being convicted of sexual assault.)

The Weinstein Company
lions gate

Smith reveals Weinstein tried to get him to sign on dogma Sequel — what I always wanted to do — right before new york times It broke the first article exposing Weinstein’s wrongdoing. Since then, Smith said he heard several stories from third parties that Weinstein was trying to transfer the rights. What he answered was…

If he’s still obsessed with it, tell the company that I have nothing to do with it. Smith told his lawyers. Smith and his lawyers also got in touch about buying back the rights themselves, which “we felt very dirty because we didn’t want to give him money.” At the same time, it’s like my movie and he got it…he’s holding it hostage. My films about angels are owned by the devil himself.

So someone has to buy it, be it Kevin Smith or some other company dogma before getting another release. If only there was a way to do it without enriching Weinstein in the process. Wouldn’t that be a blissful outcome?

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