Australian Fashion Trends to Try This Summer Season

Keeping up with current fashion trends is crucial for all fashionistas. In the new summer season, fashion designers suggest using clothes to create a sense of celebration: bright colours, rhinestones, sequins, feathers – everything to cheer up yourself and those around you in such foggy times. Minimalism is no longer trendy – eveningwear is slipping into the everyday wardrobe. Fashion has chosen romanticism as one of its main sources of inspiration, which today even goes well with wetsuit tops. This summer season, sporty-chic can easily take the place of a classic suit in your wardrobe, and the outdoor trend will lead us to the cult of the body – there will be even more cuts and cutouts, skirts are unlikely to be wider than a classic belt, and tops are not at all necessary to wear, being content with underwear.

What looks will be fashionable this summer in Australia? Here is our selection of five hot trends of the summer season.

Citrus colours

The most popular summer colour will be orange. Designers at Fashion Weeks and experts from the Panton Color Institute totally agree on this. In fashion collections, this colour appears so often that it seems that one look at the clothing can increase the level of vitamin C. Yellow is also in vogue, as well as light green, which has been seen on many catwalks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Its advantage is less brightness and increased tenderness: light green replaces rich green that was trendy last season. It is impossible this summer to skip bright shades, either in everyday looks or evening ensembles. The main thing is to adjust the number of coloured elements in one outfit.


The jumpsuits are still relevant from last season, but tailored and oversized suits no longer hold a place on the runway. It is all about bodysuits, boilersuits and catsuits this summer. Casual linen and cotton jumpsuits remain popular too. As an “all in one”, this piece requires minimum styling but still looks stunning. Jumpsuits are one of the best summer investments, so if your wardrobe doesn’t have them yet, take a look at the Frank and Eileen Australia collection and choose the one that suits you.


One of the hottest fashion trends of the season is mini length. Only mini-dresses and micro-shorts will compete with a miniskirt. Design houses were drawn to the style of Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton during the heyday of their popularity, emphasizing the provocative length of the mini. The collections of Dior, Prada, Loewe, Herm├Ęs, Versace and many others featured skirts that exposed models’ legs as much as possible. Designers suggest pairing miniskirts with vintage jackets from the sixties rendered in clean lines and contrasting colours. Tweeds, pinks, and whites will also work well for this summer.

Bra tops

Must have for the 2022 summer season – bra tops. Wearing underwear as outerwear will become increasingly popular this summer. Bandeaus and bralettes already dominate Fashion Week runways all over the world. Givenchy, Balmain, and Roberto Cavalli have shown their variations how such a top can be worn both casually and formally, with suits, skirts, or pants. Simple enough to pair the bra top with your favourite jeans or throw over a blazer for sophisticated evening wear.

Striped fabrics reminiscent of home textiles

What reminds you of home? In the list of associations, it is possible to find striped textiles such as towels, bedspreads, and rugs. This summer you can take this homey atmosphere with you: in the collections of fashion brands, you can see striped prints on oversized shirts, linen dresses, trousers, skirts and jackets, as if they were made from vintage textiles. Natural fabrics, comfortable cuts and delicate shades will definitely take an important place in your wardrobe.

Low rise jeans

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Many of us remember the last time low-rise pants were in vogue, and not everybody does remember it fondly. But here we go again, low rise after so many years of oblivion burst into fashionable Olympus. Nostalgia for the 00s is clearly seen in the fashion collections of designers, so now clothes on the hips are responding to the latest trend. The main element of the image is a bare belly: skirts, jeans and low-rise pants are supposed to be worn with a cropped top or now trendy bra. If you wear the outfit with a wide belt, this will draw attention even more to the fact that the pants sit below your natural waistline.

Some more Australian fashion trends for this summer

We only listed five fashionable elements of the summer wardrobe, but you can include much more in your look to make it trendy. This summer, fashionistas should pay attention to lace, tiger print, fringe, floral pattern, a combination of gold and silver, crochet bras, maxi dresses and pants, tiered skirts and dresses with frills and flounces, as well as saturated suits. This summer, it’s all about softness, naturalness, bright colours, freedom and sexuality.

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