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Best Maps for Beginners in PUBGM

PUBG Mobile has tons of maps and is one of those battle royale games that offers multiple maps to play and dominate. However, if you’re new to the game, there are maps that are definitely better for beginners than others.

Each map has a different design. For example, some maps are better suited for long-range combat, while others are better suited for close-quarters combat, and these differences affect the weapons you’ll need to master for each map.

If you’re new to PUBG Mobile, try these maps. The perfect map for beginners. And if you want PUBG Mobile UC, you can get it at OffGamers. HereNow let’s get into the article!


Nusa is PUBG Mobile’s newest map and also the smallest 1×1 map in the game.

For beginners, this map is ideal as it allows you to practice your aggressive playstyle. On this map, you’re likely to encounter enemies every minute, so you’ll need to move quickly and prepare quickly, especially if you’re playing solo. You can also practice bursting and auto-firing as you will most likely be in close combat with the enemy team. It also includes the exclusive perk of reviving and trying again if you die within his first four minutes of the game.

On the other hand, this map is better with more people in a single match, with 40 players being optimal. Aside from that, the game is well designed for its size, and having a potential cave location for the final standoff is pretty epic.


Sanhok is a 4×4 sized map, smaller than the first two original maps of PUBG Mobile. With lots of trees and houses, this map is great for sneak attacks and ambushes.

If you want to tackle lean shots and peak shots, the Sanhok is for you. Lots of cover included so you can easily practice your angled shots. Cover is plentiful on this map, so don’t worry too much about snipers. Therefore, they are more likely to engage in combat at close to medium range. Ambushes are common on this map, as trees and large rocks can easily hide your team. And while it’s a smaller map than Miramar, Vikendo, and Erangel, it still has 100 players per game.

The bad thing about Sanhok is that if you haven’t yet learned the basics of how to play PUBG Mobile, this map can be very chaotic and can be difficult to beat. Play this map if you want to practice lean and peak shots. But if you’re new to Battle Royale, play Erangel first.


Miramar is the second map for PUBG Mobile, containing mainly open spaces in desert regions.

Its 8×8 size is ideal for practicing aiming with 6x and 8x scopes. There are a few places in the game where close-range combat is advantageous, but most of the time you need to get in place before the circle shrinks and shrinks. Most of the time the circle ends in an open area with little cover, so placement is key and perfecting your ranged attacks is critical to defeating the opposing team.

However, the way the map is designed also has its drawbacks, especially since you have to play one strategy at the end of the game. The strategy is to wait patiently until people approach you, but this can be tedious at times.

Overall, Miramar is still a great map for beginners and the best map available if you prefer playing sniper.


Erangel is still the best map for beginners in PUBG Mobile. It’s 8×8 size is ideally balanced with enough coverage to get you from big cities, small towns, and from one place to another.

Here you can choose to play aggressive, passive or pick based on your needs. Watch out for good players if you play in big cities such as Pochinki or the army. These are two of the hottest spots in gaming. The loot is great and teaches you how to play in close to medium range encounters. Staying on edges or mountains is preferable when playing passively or aiming with a long range scope. Basically, anything you can learn in a game, you can learn in Erangel.

The only downside to Erangel is that it’s the first map in the game, so practically everyone is completely aware of the strategies that can be used on this map. However, it’s a great map for beginners and veterans alike.


These are the best maps to play in PUBG Mobile if you want to learn the ropes, play a particular strategy, or master a particular firearm. Nusa is currently the best map for aggressive playstyles. It’s a 32 player his map with a 1×1 map size, so you can quickly confront people and it’s a great map with good world design.

Sanhok, on the other hand, is a great map to consider if you want an aggressive technique with lots of cover.because you can Strengthen Mastering Your Lean and Peak.

As far as range goes, players who like to use sniper rifles will have an advantage as Miramar is mostly open space with some structures here and there. Of course, Erangel will always remain the best map in his PUBG Mobile. Because this is the first map and scales well for a battle royale game.

PUBG Mobile comes with several maps. If you have better map recommendations, leave them in the comments section below and let us know which maps you think are the most accessible for new players. Best Maps for Beginners in PUBGM

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