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Are you going to visit Kyiv in winter? We’ve already created points of interest list for you

Hospitality and positive vibes, history wealth and gorgeous landscapes, delicious cuisine, and fancy shopping. The list could go on and on and on when it comes to the capital of Ukraine. Therefore, this is a great idea to visit Kyiv. And the Christmas and New Year holidays are the best time for this. The city was founded in 482, and here you can find about 50 interesting sights. You should see at least some of the unique objects to make travel to Ukraine a memorable adventure. Which ones? Our review will help you.

Also, you can get all the necessary information regarding safe Kyiv travel on the Welcome Ukraine website. There you can also get travel insurance and ask questions. In the meantime, we suggest you go through the checklist of the best places in the capital of Ukraine.

Andrew’s Descent

Andrew’s Descent is a quaint street about 750 meters in length. This is one of the Ukrainian tourist spots and the oldest trade route. In the upper part, there is the St. Andrew’s Church, after which the descent was named. The place seems to be filled with antiquity. You can feel the aura of Ukrainian history in the air. Going to Kyiv holiday, don’t miss the opportunity to go down Andrew’s Descent to get to see architectural masterpieces firsthand, walk through the legendary alleys and go to cultural institutions:

  • The Mikhail Bulgakov Museum;
  • The One Street Museum;
  • Museum Workshop Of Ivan Kavaleridze;
  • Kokorev arbor;
  • Theater “KOLESO”;
  • The Castle of Richard the Lionheart.

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Use public transport, and the Kyiv subway to visit Ukraine Kyiv comfortably and on a budget. You can get to Andrew’s Descent from the Kontraktova Ploshcha station, passing the Assumption Cathedral of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. Also, there is another way, go down Triokhsvyatytelska street from the “Poshtova Ploshcha” metro station.

Motherland Monument

Are you going to visit Kyiv in winter We’ve already created points of interest list for you.jpg

Staying in Ukraine you must see the enormous Motherland monument. This sculpture was created in the early 80s of the past century in honor of the Great Patriotic War heroes. It is located on the right bank of the city. You will immediately understand that you have reached the place since the statue size is majestic. We recommend visiting the museum exposition about the military events of 1941-1945 to feel keenly the public spirit. A quaint park located nearby will be a pleasant surprise in Kyiv travel. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk along it to hide from the metropolis’ hectic atmosphere and enjoy the natural scenery.

 Independence Square

Anyone who has ever traveled to Kyiv should see the main square of the capital. Independence Square is located in the heart of Kyiv.

Are you going to visit Kyiv in winter We’ve already created points of interest list for you.jpg

In the 20th century, the area was changed several times in appearance and changed its name. The square was called Soviet Square, Kalinin Square, and October Revolution Square. The Maidan got its name in 1991 after Ukraine gained independence. In addition to all the celebrations on the Maidan, there were many protests and rallies. The most notable revolutions took place here: the Granite Revolution (1990), the October Revolution (2004), and the Dignity Revolution (2014). The latter brought a very loud mark in the history of Ukrainians. That was the time when Ukraine changed its direction towards Europe. It is about freedom, honor, and dignity.

Since then, the Alley of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred has appeared near the Maidan, where there was a shooting and a battle with losses.

Today, Independence Square is a symbol of dignity and freedom of the Ukrainian people, a beautiful city center where you can walk, enjoy light and sound fountains and incredible chestnut trees in summer.

Golden Gate

The main monument of Kyiv’s defense from the times of ancient Kyiv. It is one of the oldest buildings in Eastern Europe. It was named by analogy with the Golden Gate in Constantinople. In Kyiv, this building was built by order of Prince Yaroslav on the example of the gates in Constantinople, although their architecture is quite different.

This is a tower that has protected Kyiv from enemy attacks for many years.

Are you going to visit Kyiv in winter We’ve already created points of interest list for you.jpg

The gate was the main entrance to the capital of Kievan Rus and none of the invaders could pass through such an obstacle. Khan Batu in 1240 partially destroyed this entrance, although they managed to enter the city through the Pechersk Gate, which is now the modern Maidan.

This architectural monument is located next to the metro of the same name. The museum is open and guides often focus on the Golden Gate as an important moment in the history of Ukraine.

Church of St. Nicholas

This is a Roman Catholic church, one of the two churches in Kyiv, which was built before 1917. And it is one of the 7 wonders of Ukraine.

The church was destroyed in the 19th century and rebuilt in the Gothic style by architect Vladislav Gorodetsky. This is his most famous building. It is characterized by its beauty and unusual architectural solutions.

Are you going to visit Kyiv in winter We’ve already created points of interest list for you.jpg

During the restoration of the monument it was named “Republican House of Organ and Chamber Music”.

Particular attention was paid to the aesthetic appearance of the hall. Colored stained glass windows were made in the Baltics, stylized, soft seats were made at the Lviv factory, and high-quality parquet was made in the Volyn region.

People enjoyed the gorgeous play of the unique organ.

Now the church is in disrepair, after a fire in September. The fire also damaged the organ. The building is being restored now. But Kyivans and guests of the city still admire the beauty of the Church’s architecture.

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