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World Dream Day 2022 (@dayofdreamers) wishes, quotes, greetings, posters, images

world dream day Wishes, quotes, greetings, posters and images for 2022 (@dayofdreamers): The world of imagination and imagination is the best thing in the world, and anyone who changes their life in a hopeful field has visionary dreams. Dreams are beautiful gifts of nature that can be seen by everyone in the world, whether rich or poor. World Dreams Day every year September 25th Let people know their big dreams in life, and celebrate those dreams that for some reason didn’t come true. This is a dream day for all who dream higher. This is an important day for all those who can see higher ambitions to change the world. Because positive change comes from positive effort and action, World Dreams Day is a symbol of unity and fraternity, and a day of empowerment to give people a shining ray of light to change this important world.

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For the first time this important day was celebrated year 2012 By the Prestigious Institute Columbia University By Visionary Educators Ojioma Aegwon WooIn a critical year, Ojioma decided to change the world based on people’s far-sighted ambitions and dreams.so my friends here wishes, quotes, posters, greetings, statuses upon world dream day 2022 For everyone who wants to change the world.

September 25th is World Dreams Day, Highlights of World Dreams Day 2022

Introducing the best initiatives for World Dream Day 2022 to change things with pure visionary ideas.

  • 21 September Visionary Dream Council: A Higher Dream of Peace, Isabel Rosa
  • Sept 24 Higher Dream Activation: Celebrating WDD @ The International Balloon Festival
  • September 25: Opening Remarks and Meditations | Declaration of a Higher Dream | Closing Reflections
  • September 25: Visionary Future Making Workshop with World Dream Day Founder Ojioma Aegwon Woo

World Dream Day 2022 wishes, quotes, greetings, posters

world dream day 2022

Everything in front of us was imaginary and impossible without someone dreaming it. Everything is imaginary and transforms into reality with a positive vibe.

Thinking positive with positive actions can change the world and increase everyone’s chances of success in life.

Dreams are the key to success and vision is essential to change things in the real world.

I wish you a World Dream Day 2022. May God bless your higher dreams and give you strength to achieve your true and ambitious life.

This is a time of personal and collective inspiration and upliftment. On this momentous day of World Dreams Day 2022, together we will advance our vision of what is possible and prepare together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What day is World Dream Day celebrated?

What is the theme of World Dream Day 2022?

THE HIGHER DREAM DAY is the theme of World Dream Day 2022.

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