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Xbox Game Pass Will Decrease Traditional Game Sales, Microsoft Admits

The lesson here is to never believe a word company executives say (Photo: Microsoft)

Despite previous claims to the contrary, Microsoft admits that playing games on Game Pass tends to “cannibalize” sales.

It doesn’t always look like it, but companies don’t like to get into legal battles as much as possible. Not only because it can be costly and potentially costly, but because it can reveal more about their business practices than they would like.

It works both ways, and Microsoft recently gave Sony Share upcoming release schedule But now Microsoft is forced to tell the truth about how Game Pass will affect individual game sales.

Recent CMA (Competitive Market Authority) rreport The proposed acquisition revealed another troubling fact: Putting a game on Game Pass will take a noticeable hit to sales as an individual title for at least 12 months.

You might not think it’s surprising, it actually seems perfectly logical, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer has previously argued otherwise.

In 2018, Spencer said that games on Game Pass (he used Forza Horizon 4 as an example) “increased game sales,” adding that “gamers are more interested in what other people are doing.” We find what we play based on what we play.” playing.

It seems that there may have been verbal inaccuracies, especially in the CMA report. GamesIndustry.bizalso mentions that Activision complains about putting the game on a subscription service. [buy to play] Sales, especially for new releases.

In other words, putting your game on Game Pass or a similar service, regardless of how Microsoft has pretended so far, will reduce your traditional sales.

It doesn’t necessarily matter to third-party publishers if they’re properly indemnified by Microsoft or others, but that’s exactly why Sony said so. I’m not going to put exclusives on my subscription service From day one.

It’s unclear whether Microsoft’s truth-based economy will affect deliberations in other exclusive investigations around the world, but Microsoft’s allegations have risen as the question of whether the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is permissible has been raised. It certainly doesn’t help.

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